8GB Nexus 7 shipping from Google in 3-5 days, 16GB backordered for 3-4 weeks

The availability of the Nexus 7 from the Google Play Store has been in a bit of flux since pre-order shipments started going out late last week, but at least the 8GB model is now listed as “in stock” on the site. New orders for the $199 version of the tablet should ship immediately and arrive within three to five business days. The 16GB model, however, is currently backordered. New shipments of the $249 slate won’t arrive for another three to four weeks.

Heavy demand caused initial stock of Nexus 7 devices to sell out quickly both online and at retailers such as GameStop. Google is working hard to fulfill pre-orders and keep a steady supply of new units flowing out to consumers.

[via DroidLife]

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  • Paul Riley

    It appears google are working backwards on their N7 pre orders, not only have people who ordered theirs nearly two weeks after me had their email for delivery, google also wouldn’t let me cancel and now I want to call again to have a go, they have removed their support numbers! People who ordered as late as this morning at other retailers have had their N7 sent out already, I’m in the UK ordered 16GB and yes the ones who ordered after me also ordered 16GB!

    • burgosma

      If you have first world problems, I feel bad for you son. I’ve got 99 problems but a Nexus 7 ain’t one. Mine is out for delivery.

      • No_Nickname90

        Wait until that delivery truck gets that flat tire.

  • Zoose Zeppa

    My 16GB is ‘out for delivery’ to my place by UPS at this moment. Eagerly awaiting the hours.

    • Devon Warren

      When did you order? I still haven’t gotten any notice..

      • Zoose Zeppa

        June 29

  • wtpanos

    Just received and opened mine, currently charging, can’t wait to turn on. Such a well built device, feels great in the hand.

  • http://twitter.com/KnowScott Scott Stafford

    This is a huge fail.

  • wtpanos

    posting this on my nexus 7, feeling like a winner!

    • Michael Thompson

      Blanket party for this guy. ^
      I’m just joshin’ ya. I’m just jealous because I don’t have mine yet. Congrats!! :D

      Are you seeing any screen flicker issues like I’ve read here and there?

      • wtpanos

        No flicker issues here, been enjoying it so far as smooth as it can be

        • Michael Thompson

          good to hear.
          Very cool! Enjoy!

  • Michael Thompson

    Unlike many, I didn’t have any unreasonable expectations placing my July 7th order, so no whining posts about how I’ve been wronged somehow. Spare me the drama over the toy.

    It comes when it comes. It’s just a gizmo for Pete’s sake.

    • http://profiles.google.com/kevinhaller24 Kevin Haller

      I’m in the same boat. I pre-ordered mine on the 12th I think. I’m hoping it’ll come sooner than later, but I’m not sweatin it too bad.

  • CoolBreeze_777

    Walked into Sam’s Club and got 2 in 5 minutes. Damn pre Order F y’all. No flaws with the device as of yet. Other than I wish it was a 32GB.

  • phoenix_fire

    i placed mine for preorder at gamestop two days ago (for the aug 7th shipment) and i got a call today saying they managed to get one in early. it’s charging right next to me as we speak!

    • No_Nickname90

      Dugh!! I have to wait until August!? Just pre-ordered today. =.[

  • Chris

    Got mine at Sams Club in Dothan Al. They had 5 as of yesterday. Call ur local Sams Club. They might have one. Best 246.83 I’ve ever spent. :-)

  • Red Gryphon

    just got an email on 2 different accounts stating the following for my nexus 7 16gb orders;

    Longer email but main part: “If you placed your order by July 11, it will ship this week and we’ve upgraded to overnight shipping so it arrivers sooner. Orders placed after July 11, will ship next week with overnight shipping.”

    Spoke to a rep as well and said my orders are processing.

  • Tony

    I got mine from ups earlier today per ordered mine the day after it was available so far happy with it butter smooth 16 gigs BTW. :)

  • Jnewell05

    received my 16 gb today 17th ordered the 9th.

  • No_Nickname90

    Just pre-ordered mine at Gamestop today. I hope I get mines before errbody else. LoL!! =.P
    Doubting that, but we’ll see.

  • XT

    Once again demonstrates Google still doesn’t understand how to market/support the end user. You would think that they would have learned from their first phone fiasco. Obviously not. Perhaps this is an area that Google should actually copy Apple – customer experience.

  • Mark Shih

    Placed an order on the June 27th. Called Google today and was told it might ship tomorrow. I told them I was tired of the shipping BS and cancelled my order. No More pre-orders with Google Play.