Acer Liquid Gallant Duo Available For Pre-Order – Only $230 With No Contract

Looks like Acer isn’t about to abandon their Android smartphone business and is gearing up to release a new low-end device for the masses. The Acer Liquid Gallant Duo (duo is for dual-SIM) is an affordable Android phone designed to give customers adequate specs in return for rock bottom low pricing. $230 off-contract is all it will take for someone to get a hold of an Android smartphone running Ice Cream Sandwich. Rest of the specs are as follows:

  • CPU speed: 1GHz, MTK 6575
  • Platform: Android Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Network: HSPA/WCDMA 900/2100 MHz / Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz / (Band frequency, HSPA availability, and data speed are operator dependent)
  • Dual SIM
  • Memory: Internal phone storage: 4GB / RAM: 1GB / microSD slot (up to 32GB)
  • Display: 4.3-inch touch screen with qHD resolution
  • GPS: Internal GPS antenna
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Digital compass, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth┬« 3.0 + EDR / Wi-Fi┬«: IEEE 802.11b/g/n / 3.5 mm stereo audio jack / Standard micro-USB
  • Camera: 5 megapixel camera, LED flash
  • Battery: Li-ion battery 1500 mAh
  • Weight: 145 grams with battery
  • Dimensions: (LxWxT): 129 x 65,9 x 9,9 mm

I know the single-core MTK processo may not sound like much, but it was more than snappy in that counterfeit Galaxy S3 video we showed you last week. The device is currently up for pre-order from the online retailer Expansys and is looking to launch next month.

[Expansys | Via Modaco, Engadget]

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    It’s amazing to me, that these specs are now considered low-end. 2 years ago this would have been top-end specs!

    • Marsg

      yea that was back then in the apple era also known as the dark ages

  • bmg314

    At least they threw a micro sd slot in there!! That beats a couple of high end phones whose names I won’t mention O_o

    • Chris Chavez

      Ha! :D

    • Perplexicles

      I used to think that too, until I read that Micro SD cards can tank a phones overall performance. I can still see the utility in using SD cards, but for those of us making the transition into the cloud, they are becoming increasingly unnecessary.

      • Matthew Merrick

        for those of us on a tiered data plan, the cloud is cost-prohibitive.

        • Perplexicles

          Interesting, I overlooked this point entirely. I subscribe to Sprint, so this isn’t really an issue for me (yet), but I’m still inclined to ask: does Wi-Fi not help to alleviate this problem?

          • Chris Chavez

            WiFi does. But you have to set apps like YouTube and Music to pre-fetch stuff while on WiFi to avoid hitting your limit. Annoying.

            Thanks to carriers, we still haven’t “arrived” at relying fully on cloud storing/streaming =/

  • Andrew Groh

    Wait so will this work on T-Mobile USA? If it does I might consider it

    • Chris Chavez

      No :(

      T-Mobile uses 1700/2100MHz frequency bands… Although, if they’ve upgraded their 1900 spectrum to 3G/4G, you’ll be good (unlikely though)

  • Sodiq Awokoya

    I’m impressed, better specs than what the competition is putting out for low-end android device plus its ics to boot. LG and Samsung better watch out. Acer is doing its thing.

  • Joe

    This really does seem like a steal for that price. If they could throw in a dual core for slightly more it would be worth the price increase.

    Guess I would reserve final judgment for performance and materials/fit/finish though.

  • Marsg

    its a great looking phone I would of bought one if it also had high end specs, at least they included the software keys unlike some manufacturers

  • Marsg

    I just realized why I like the design so much after looking at my Nexus, it has a lot of similarities in design

  • tom-e

    What is going to happen to all of your ‘cloud’ storage once everyone is forced into limited data plans? Right back to wanting an SD Card… my biggest gripe with Google is how they are forcing everyone into the cloud. I travel frequently, and no data connection means no fresh data. And that equals FAIL.

    Driving through a tunnel on the way to work and my music stops, taking an airplane ride or hiking in the woods means that i only have the 20 or so songs that are synced to my device.