Nexus 7 sells out at several retailers on first day of availability


We knew voracious Android users itching to be on the bleeding edge of mobile tech were hot for the Nexus 7, but a new report from Reuters suggests sales of  the world’s first Jelly Bean tablet are greatly outpacing supply. GameStop says they have already gone through their first two shipments of the slate, while Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart show the device as being out of stock on their websites.

GameStop is not expecting another shipment of Nexus 7 units until August, so those without a pre-order might have to do a bit of hunting to locate retailers still stocking the tablet. Though some might be a bit miffed at the lack of availability, the news is a good sign for Google. The $199 Nexus 7, which is manufactured by ASUS, is the first tablet jointly developed by the tech giant and looks to shake up the low price tablet market.

[via Reuters]

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  1. Go Google/Asus!

    1. I tried combining the names, but Asgle, Asogle, Gasus, and Goosus all sound terrible. :P

      1. That’s because you never thought of Googasus, which sounds awesome… like a sneeze.

      2. GoogleAce it is

        1. That sounds more like a combination of Google and Acer.

  2. evweryone is so pissy about preorders comming later…

    1. Indeed.
      As long as mine is coming that’s fine.

      More people having them is more interesting (usually) stuff to read.

    2. At least the Google Play preorders are supposed to come in in the next week or so. The next batch of tablets aren’t supposed to be getting into Gamestop or Staples until the middle of August!

  3. The place store took my money today so I should be receiving mine by tomorrow or monday.

  4. Wow…good thing I got my order in yesterday at Sam’s Club for $246.98 for the 16GB and free shipping.

  5. just bought one at Sams club, canceling my preorder now

    1. you can’t cancel it they have to deliver it first

    2. Word! My local club had 10 this morning!

    3. This device is amazing! Blows my transformer prime away.

      1. did you cancel your preorder?? I had no luck, mind sharing what you said?

    4. Yup, did the same.

  6. Come on google, deliver mine already.

  7. Sams club showed out if stock online, but there was plenty in the store

  8. Got mine from Sam’s Club about 30 minutes ago. They had several in stock.

  9. Anyone find one at a Sam’s club in Houston? I went to two, didn’t see any on display

  10. I just got an email to from Google Play that says my nexus 7 has shipped. I ordered day 1. so pumped!

  11. I got the phone call from GameStop today. Picked it up and loving every minute of it. I didn’t preorder until a week ago.

  12. Hey Google! Hope you find this — I’m never pre-ordering anything through your store again. Can’t believe you treat your own storefront as an ancillary service. Boo!

    1. This was my first and last time im ever ordering anything through the store. absolute BOVINE EXCREMENT. they focked the pig on this launch. i understand the need for a widespread launch but they could have shipped ours 2 days ago so they reach us the day they decide to unleash it on the masses via brick and mortar outlets.

  13. Yes! For you guys in Houston, I just walked in to Sam’s club by the memorial city mall and they had a ton. Got it for $246 plus tax

  14. I’m a little ticked that I pre ordered mine on day one and haven’t heard anything about it shipping.
    I thought they put things on pre order so that you get it first. Must have been wrong I guess.

  15. I pre-ordered on day2, any my 16GB would’ve shipped today, but instead the charge failed because of and old expiration date. I updated the CC info 12 hours ago, but they still haven’t attempted to charge it again. Probably lost a day… but hopefully I wasn’t kicked ALL THE WAY to end of the line. :)

  16. What if it only came in red? j/k

  17. BTW – If you’re peeved with Google re: the Google Play + Nexus 7, let ’em know “how they’re doing” by filling out their 5 question survey with a comment box at the bottom:

  18. no thanks. tablet isnt my thing.

    1. then why bother posting?

      1. why bother to reply?

        1. To inform you that you’re an idiot! Good Day.

          1. as long as my comments made you relief some stress, i will be fine with it. :D

          2. HalwaysCrook didn’t say it so I will: “I SAID GOOD DAY!!”

  19. I have to say I am a little pissed off at Google. I ordered mine as soon as they said it was available on day one. I don’t feel it is right to make pre orders pay shipping AND not get it even a day before anyone else, or even same day. We took the time and money to pre order and all Google seems to be saying is |=uck you. Per say.

      1. Oh my apologizes thank you for the correction. And yes I am short :)

  20. It could shake up the high end tablet market too!

  21. Mine just shipped, not to upset about the preorder from the play store, I just won’t ever do that again

    1. Sounds like Google hit a homerun with this tablet.

  22. Walmart and Sam’s club may show out of stock on their website but that is not true of their retail stores.

  23. Google does not appear to be honoring “first ordered, first served.” There are people that have ordered after July 4th that are getting confirmation messages, meanwhile, I ordered on Day #1 and haven’t heard squat. Google really messed up on this. I will not be ordering any other physical device from the Google Play store. Google has already proven that they are unable to handle the order process.

  24. Just received the e-mail from Google! Ordered on the 27th it has SHIPPED.

  25. Well I am a bit disappointed I haven’t even had my card charged, I’m in the UK! I did phone up up Google to have a rant but got a nice American guy and I just couldn’t be annoyed! Damn you Americans with your cool accents and nice friendly staff! Saying that he couldn’t cancel my order which was annoying as I could have just ordered from someone else and got free p and p and have it by now! Oh well something to look forward to next week :)

  26. I’m not an impatient guy, but I AM thinking about canceling my pre-order. Mostly because I got charged shipping AND taxes, and I can avoid both of those things (saving me $30) if I order it from another online website.

    But I do have a question though: does anyone know if the $25 Google Play credit comes with all Nexus 7 purchases? Or is it only for the people that pre-ordered through the Google Play Store?

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