Samsung Galaxy Blaze Q Passes By FCC – Headed For T-Mobile With Full 5-Row Staggered Keyboard

It kinda flew under the radar, but yesterday, the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q passed through the FCC on its way to T-Mobile. Not too much was revealed in the docs, just a few specs for the device’s radio bands. Also known as the Samsung SGH-T699, rumor has it, this guy will feature a high-def, 720p display, Qualcomm S4 dual-core processor, 1GB RAM and come running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Of course, as the “Q” moniker suggests, the device will also come with a spacious 5-row full QWERTY staggered keyboard. Aside from any unforeseeable legal action, we’re expecting this to arrive in T-Mobile stores on August 15th.

[FCC | TalkAndroid | TMoNews]

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  • aeok18109

    didnt you hear? Apple has the patent on slide out keyboards even tho they dont even use one

    • Zenstrive

      oh noes! The horror!

    • CarlosFontesJr

      Every time I slide open a door, I fear that Apple will knock on my door and demand a quarter.

  • Zenstrive

    really, why don’t you release qwerty equipped smartphones with this advanced specs outside of US, samsung???

  • Larry Garfield

    Ugh. Damnit. A halfway decent looking keyboard phone finally makes it to T-Mobile, and it has to be from Samsung. :-( I’m still smarting from the total lack of support for my Galaxy S Vibrant.

    • Edward DeRuiter

      So tired of getting burned by lack of OS updates that I’ll only buy a Nexus device from now on… But no Nexus slider as of yet (or probably ever, both Apple and Google seem to be pushing the virtual keyboard).

    • tim bennett

      At least you don’t have a Samsung Behold II.

  • Groh G2

    Wow…. i wanna buy this… S4, 5 row key, 4G, ICS… nice!!

  • UMA_Fan

    Is this the first QWERTY with a 720p display?

    Remember when 4.3 inch screens seemed ginormous and seemed way too impractical for a slide out keyboard. I think the 16:9 4.3 inch screens on the Sensation and HTC One S would do just fine with a full qwerty.

    In fact, why doesn’t HTC just make a retro looking G1 with higher end specs. Like the G1 just bigger and thinner. 720p display, 4.3 inch screen, big battery, same layout. I would pay anything for that fantasy phone!

  • CarlosFontesJr

    This makes me miss my HTC G2. I love hardware keyboards. My little brother’s Sidekick 4G keyboard is pretty awesome actually.

  • Chris Hickman

    A worthy successor to the G2! Awesome!