Sprint Motorola Photon 4G receives OTA update

The Motorola Photon 4G on Sprint has gotten itself a brand new update that should now be pushing out to users on the Now Network. Improved music playback, easier importing of contacts to SD card, WiFi enhancements, and more are just a few of the changes in this much-appreciated maintenance upgrade. As with any update be sure to check for it in your settings menu, and since this may be a staggered process don’t be alarmed if your phone doesn’t find it right away. Find more details over at Sprint.

– More easily import contacts from SD card.

– Improved music playback, both streaming from Amazon Cloud or Internet Radio services and music saved to the

phone –┬áminimizes occasional skips or -repeats

– Enhancements for WiFi hotspot in GSM/UMTS mode and adding new WiFi connections.

– Now supports 1080p HD video capture, and enhanced video settings for more responsive playback.

– Easier creating and accepting calendar meeting notices on the phone.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jack-E-Mabry-Jr/1726259049 Jack E Mabry Jr

    Woot, can’t wait to get home and on wifi so I can update.

  • Todd

    This more than likely kills the ability to unlock your bootloader. Be careful if you care about that.

  • nathen a

    yea I got the update , A new music player which is much better looking then the stock one, also a video type finder but not new player for those. The 1080p video capture is really what I was jazzed about,and I cant thank motorola enough for!: ) now please for the love of god give us ICS! the atrix sucks compared to the photon! so why is it due out Q3 and us Q4 and why that even, please dont back out on photon users. We love this phone,from call quality to speed I cant complain. But please hurry with the ICS dont let us down. Hell give it ICS and put it back in the sprint stores. I guarantee it would out sell alot of phones!

  • http://twitter.com/ANKGELK Nezaboy

    i got the update but i dont see any diferrences?