Return of the Nexi – Galaxy Nexus Now In Stock on Google Play Store

There’s probably no better way to stick it to the man and #BoycottApple than by celebrating real innovation and buying yourself a brand new Galaxy Nexus. Where can you get one? Why, the Google Play Store of course, where the device has made its triumphant return, being offered for only $350 sans contract. There’s no saying how long it will stay there. After all, Samsung was only granted a temporary stay of the ban while the US Court of Appeals awaits Apple’s response (due tomorrow). For now, celebrate love, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by grabbing yourself dat Jelly Bean.

[Google Play Store]

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  • Fahim Yaqoob

    Convert to gbp = £226 roughly. that is cheap for that device

    • Chris Chavez

      Gbp? What is that, like, Monopoly money? O_o

      • badsubby

        Great Britain Pound. I’m not sure if you were being funny or you didnt know the answer. Either way, its here. :)

        • HalfwayCrook

          Great Britain Pound? What is that, like, Monopoly money? o_O

  • Trask Trojanek

    If only I had $350 lying around.. Definitely getting a Nexus phone with my next upgrade.

  • Adam Intinarelli

    really really hoping it’ll be around for me to get my upgrade on july 22nd with verizon.. this droid x is not so swell anymore.

    • Alex Woods

      Forget that, get the S3!

    • enomele

      The nexus on the play store is for gsm use. Not cdma.

      • enomele

        Nvm I’m dumb. Read your post wrong.

  • Andr3ww

    I see what you did there with the title.

  • Haggie

    Just put the Jelly Bean AOSP on mine. It is a rockin’ phone. Amazing functionality. Best phone I have ever seen. Fast, loaded with features, and completely stable.

  • Butters619

    If Google releases an LTE Nexus this year, I will never have to buy a carrier phone again.

    • Cody1224

      I am really hoping for a CDMA/LTE version. if they want to make this thing a success you would think they would cover everyone right?

    • HalfwayCrook

      If they release one compatible with tmo LTE there’s no doubt i’m buying one

    • Josh Flowers

      knowing Verizon, they’d have a “bring your own phone” monthly fee to offset the loss in revenue of people doing so. jerks.

  • Socalnathan

    how do I force my gnex to download 4.1?

    • Marsg

      root then flash, there are a bunch of instruction videos on YouTube that will show you how to or you could go to xda-developers forum

    • Challenger74

      I changed the date to 2013, check the boxes in the setting locations locations, force stopped google services and then cleared cache, then checked for update… then was able to download 4.1..thanks to XDA

      • Socalnathan

        do you have a link to that thread? how did you change the date. it changes it back the second I change it

        • Challenger74

          1:settings->date/time->uncheck auto date and time zone->change date to 2013 (i used easter daylight time)
          2.settings->locations services ->check top and bottom box
          3.settings->apps->all->google services framework->force stop->clear data
          4. settings-> about phone->check update

          all this worked for me. Your results may vary. I am using a gsm phone purchased from google play.

  • john

    Got jelly bean on my Galaxy Nexus and it is amazing!

  • reiththestud

    I really wish Google would make a GSM/CDMA Nexus phone, like the iPhone 4s, so I can just buy a brand new, top-o-the-line phone for $350 and go get it activated on Sprint without a new service contract. The ONLY reason I have not bought a Galaxy Nexus is because I am on a CDMA network that I don’t want to leave.

    • Cody1224

      I’m with you man. I really hope the next set of Nexi have a CDMA option because I am on VZW (family member’s employee acct) and am not leaving but I doubt Verizon will get the next Nexus considering their stance on boot loaders. So not exactly sure where I’m going to go with the next upgrade. Come on Google! Show the CDMA crowd some love, we are people too

      • HalfwayCrook

        No you’re not, GSM ftw!

  • Marsg

    I wonder what the next nexus phone will look like I mean the one we have now looks pretty damn awesome straight black on the front, pretty hard to top the design unless they minimize the bezel ever more and give it a bigger screen + they should add the new tegra t33 chip to it if it supports the antennas in the future

    • HalfwayCrook

      Ehhh, it’s nice but there is plenty of room for improvements

      • Marsg

        I think if they had added a higher quality camera and a better GPU it would of been all around awesome, otherwise I have nothing to complain about

  • IronHorse01

    I wonder who will make the next nexus. Has anyone heard? And release date? Roomies should be flying already !

    • Marsg

      I hope its Asus, although they have only manufactured one phone the quality is great, either way Google is designing the device and dictating most of the hardware that goes into it, so its a win win