Can You Tell The Difference Between The Samsung Galaxy S3 and This Chinese Knockoff? [Video]

China has really been stepping up their counterfeit game as of late. This is perhaps no better evident than this knockoff Samsung Galaxy S3 that popped up on YouTube today. It’s called the HDC Galaxy S3 at it was given a full hands-on courtesy of the online Chinese retailer, Android-Sale. At first glance, it’s hard to distinguish the imitation from the real thing (the HDC is noticeably thicker), but first things first, let’s jump straight to the specs on this beezy.

On paper, the HDC Galaxy S3 is a blast from Android’s past. Boasting a 4.7 inch TFT display, 5MP rear camera with complimentary 0.3MP front facing camera, a speedy 1GHz MTK MT6575 processor, 512MB RAM, all running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. I know what you’re thinking, “There’s no way this thing could possibly run any better than a G1.” Wrong, so very wrong.

In the video, the device gets put through its paces showing off an OS smooth as butter, apps that were responsive and launched quick, even games like Temple Run ran without a hitch. Yeah, I wouldn’t have guessed for a second that a knockoff could run this well. Check out the video below.

The best part? The device is priced at a laughable/reasonable $209 outright. Might pick up a few of these as stocking stuffers for the holidays. Let’s just pretend these were on sale at your local Walmart — would any of you pick one up?

[Android-Sale | Via GizmoChina]


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  • Zenstrive

    4.7″ for 200 bucks? nice one. Resolution is 800*480 though, quite good, but not quite good enough :)

  • jjrudey

    What gave it away is that there isn’t a Samsung logo plastered on the front.

  • Fred Marshall

    when will apple go after this phone? :rollseyes

    • Chris Chavez

      Maybe this will distact them for awhile.. They’ll be so confused! xD

      • ChrisRuble

        In that case, Samsung should totally build an iPhone knockoff under a new company name that can’t be traced back to them somehow. Then Apple won’t even bother trying to stop the Galaxy series or really any Android devices for that matter. lololol. I’m not too serious about this, so. Yeah.

    • Larizard

      I had the same exact thought.

  • scoter man1

    Nah, would rather pick up the nexus 7 for that price.

    • Preetam Nath


  • SuperTomcat

    What about S Beam?

  • Marsg

    hmm wtf how is it so smooth its faster then my nexus on jelly bean >.> how the hell ?

    • HalfwayCrook

      It’s not faster than your nexus with jelly bean

      • Marsg

        Idk those apps are launching preety fast, unless he has them cached in the background

    • DanielMcCarthy

      Either you’re running the most shitty ROM ever created or you’re lying.

      • Marsg

        I’m not joking, launch a app on your nexus like the app store or something , there is usually a 15-20 ms delay, in this video that phone has almost no delay

        • emarkd

          I’ve got a Nexus with JellyBean, and its still one of the nandroid hack roms that leaked out of I/O a couple weeks ago. Its significantly smoother than this video. Just look at the transition effects and you’ll see it too.

          Besides, at 30fps, each frame of that video lasts 33ms. Even if there was “almost no delay” as you claim, it wouldn’t be apparent in the video.

  • RangersK

    Wow, this is the Great Phone of China over the Great Wall.

  • bob

    Everyone who thinks this is funny…. This is a prime example of what caused the copyright and patent system to get as bad as it is today. This douche bag should go to prison for 100% blatently, intentionally and maliciously ripping off Samsung and the other manufactures they’re knocking off. This is the kind of garbage that keeps real reform from taking place.

    • HalfwayCrook

      Calm down, this has nothing to do with software patents, this was more of a hardware rip off

      • bob

        Seriously??? So ripping off the entire Touch Wiz UI has nothing to do with software patents? Not to mention patents aren’t even remotely exclusive to software. Thirdly I also noted Copyright infringement. Which this is the perfect example of why copyright infringement law exists. Trademark infringement to… Making a ripoff device is one level of sick. Being stupid enough to put Samsung directly on it then post a vid to youtube to promote it is beyond stupid. The company doing this should be burnt to the ground and everyone involved should be made an example of.

        • HalfwayCrook

          Are you kidding? Hahah, Touch Wiz itself it a complete rip off of iOS. Deny it as much as you want but touchwiz sucks and it was developed by samsung with the original galaxy s to basically mimic the iPhone’s software AND hardware. Most samsung fans are too blind to admit the original line of galaxy devices as well as touchwiz were a rip off of the iphone and iOS and they did deserve being sued by apple (for the ORIGINAL galaxy line). This is as much of a rip off of touch wiz as touch wiz is a rip off of iOS.

          • Aleks V

            owner of a 4s and a gs3. tw and ios are nothing alike. now get ios with tons of jailbreak tweaks and customization, then they start to somewhat look alike in certain places

          • Stefan K

            This aint a touchwizz clone, this IS touchwizz! :) So much more identical then de S1 was to the iPhone 3gs :)

          • davoid

            Then that must explain why Touchwiz “sucks” as you put it – it’s too similar to iOS…

    • Lucas Jones

      Always someone who has to start their crap and ruin it for everyone

    • Mark Crowe

      But this is in China so patent system is most likely different.

  • Nkolsen

    Screen is too small. And it will probably fail in 2-3 months because of the shitty hardware they use…

  • pupu

    Chinese are the best!

  • TBN27

    Real McCoy or go home.

  • Modman

    Apple Fan Boys go Home! If I had the cash id buy a Samsung solely for the. Hardware. Most Android users are computer literate and beyond and most iPhone users are computer illiterate. There are some exceptions to both. A lot of Android users love Samsung but hate TouchWiz. Which can easily be removed when your phone is rooted. The stupid apple fanboy making the comments about TouchWiz being created by ios probably doesn’t understand how to root an android or for that matter even jailbreak his iPhone to run flash player and other apps because doing that would hurt his tiny pea brain. He is a low life loser who has nothing better to do than troll phandroid and if it was up to me he’d already be banned.

    • EarlyMon

      Not everyone with a iOS comment is a troll – besides, what’s life without healthy competition?

      I also think decaf isn’t a bad idea. ^.-

  • Modman

    The biggest ripoff of all was the design of the LG prada by Apple for the iPhone

  • famished

    Will it survive a drop test?

  • Modman

    Probably won’t survive a drop test my lg esteem was claimed to have gorilla glass and the one time it flipped over it shattered. This is a knock off we’re talking about. I’ve heard Sony xsperia really has gorilla glass but some android phones that say they do really don’t. This is a knock off if I bought it wouldn’t want to find out the hard way it didn’t.

  • Shane

    Anyone find an app to sd card app that works with the s3?

  • DroidDoesnt_2

    Wow….even the knockoffs are being knocked off

  • Modman

    Healthy competition is great. Frivolous lawsuits are horrible they stifle innovation. Really apple is the main company starting frivolous lawsuits. Could care less if they ceased to exist. There is plenty of competition in the Android world anyway. Android phone manufactured HTC moto Samsung Asus have to compete against each other. So far they aren’t patent trolling each other. Apple on the other has made its motive to destroy android clear. Unfortunately Apple has so many blind followers it will probably always unfortunately exist and be a thorn in the side of almost all android manufacturers. If all Judges refused to hear these frivolous suits it would probably stop.