Staples Canada pegs July 23rd as Nexus 7 landing date in Canada

Folks in Canada were told they’d have to wait until late July to get their hands on a Nexus 7, and new information from Staples seems to bring us a solid date. Customers who pre-order the device from there can expect shipments to arrive July 23rd. Remember that any date is subject to change (especially considering the launch of the Galaxy S3 and some of HTC’s phones as of late) so don’t round up the troops if things don’t come to pass. Will any of our Canadian readers be picking this one up? [Staples Canada via MobileSyrup]

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  • Cameron John Schluchtner

    my birthday :P

  • El_Frank

    I wonder if staples in the US is going to carry it as well.

  • Cameron Kok

    I really hope Wal Mart Canada will be carrying this. I’m currently building a Wal Mart and am considered an employee of Wal Mart Canada because of this, and I would definitely love to get my 10% employee discount on this thing…