Federal Court of Appeals denies Samsung’s stay request on Galaxy Tab ban

After Samsung was denied a temporary lift of a ban on their Galaxy Tab 10.1 earlier in the week, the news isn’t getting much better. The US Court of Appeals has denied the Korean mobile manufacturers request for a stay on the ban issued by US District Judge Lucy Koh. With the ruling, Samsung’s only hope to get the tablet back on the US market is to reach some sort of licensing deal or settlement with Apple, an avenue that is reportedly being explored jointly with Google.

Similarly, a request to temporarily lift a sales ban on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was also denied earlier in the week. A ruling on an appeal to the Federal Court concerning that case has not been reached.

[via Reuters]

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  • RedPandaAlex

    Again, this is the ORIGINAL Galaxy Tab that came out over a year ago and which Samsung has already released a successor to.

  • http://twitter.com/fightcrazy Vinny

    Google needs to start their own hard ball team and their are endless avenues Google can travel down.

  • AmericanPatriot4

    Apple is scum, and I hope the market learns that very soon or the prices of every gadget will skyrocket quickly due to their “lawyer everyone to death” tactic.

  • Josh Flowers

    this is the wondrous patent system that allows for vague terminology and then relies on ‘common-sense’ judges to uphold those laws…

    in related news, all those sitting on the bench for this decision voted unanimously using Apple’s recently donated MacBook Pro’s with a new software called “Super Ruler”, also accessible via their iphone4S (Supreme Court edition) handsets under the app name “Supreme – Voting Over Intellectual Collaborative Execution” or S-Voice for short, though it requires an active internet connection with full permissions for modification/updates from Apple..

    and coming up later in the broadcast, Apple sues Samsung for use of the term S-Voice…

    apple = scared

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jimmy-Turk/1389877562 Jimmy Turk

    While it wont mean much other than having one less apple product in my house, ill be replacing my Mac with a brand spanking new PC today! Im willing to cut all ties with such a pathetic company, i want nothing to do with them anymore. Why should they get my hard earned? Started with the Galaxy S1 and continuing the distance with the S3 – eff you apple, you’ll come undone soon enough……..

  • Frank

    OK that’s it. Apple has lost all of my business. I’ve been using iTunes for years for ease, but not anymore. Anyone know of any software that will convert my iTunes songs to mp3s? I’m ready to use Google for that now. I’ll buy physical CDs if the music aren’t available through the Play store. I’ll pay for the software too. Suggestions to help me get away from the evil fruit empire?

  • http://twitter.com/Bundaaloo Viper

    I read the head lines as ‘Federal court of Apples’…. i was like thats a nice pun !!! alas it was not to be ….may be next time !!!

  • Robert Manser

    Operation Kill Apple Confirmed….

  • http://profiles.google.com/gremlyn1 Colin Burton

    Can ANYONE explain me why Apple isn’t pursuing lawsuits against companies that build laptops? They’re all ‘virtually indistinguishable’ from MacBooks, right? They have screens, keyboards, mouse pads. Why isn’t Sony suing Panasonic for making TVs that are ‘virtually indistinguishable’ from each other? I just DON’T get what the difference is here. Why does this only apply to mobile devices?

    • Androidandwp7equalsPower

      Apple has not lost large market shares in the laptop market like it has on the mobile market. Steve Jobs stated that if Apple lost major shares in market, they would sue to stay relevant back in the 90s. Its why the sue of the mobile market, they keep losing market share.

    • No_Nickname90

      There is a device out. It was called Goople I think. Or Gapple. Something lyk that. It was the exact same design as the iPhone 4S, except it was running FroYo with an iPhone skin. iPhone 4S accessories even fitted this device. Apple has yet to sue them for a device that looks alike.

  • Androidandwp7equalsPower
  • nick300

    I despise apple. Trying to force their subpar, constricted and flat out shitty iphone/ipad on Android users.