Galaxy Nexus Pulled From Google Play Store – Now Listed As Coming Soon (Hopefully With A Vengeance)

And just like that, the coolest phone to ever happen to the world has been taken down from Google’s Play Store, snuffed out like a candle in the night. This, just after news that Samsung was denied a temporary ban lifting of the Galaxy Nexus, the device has been officially pulled from the Play Store. Would-be buyers will now be greeted with nothing more than a “coming soon” status where they can provide their email address to be notified of when the device becomes available.

Could this have something to do with Google infilling the device with their lovely “Apple patent workaround patch?” We can only hope. For now, let’s shake our fists at Apple… and pour a 40oz of High Life for our old friend, the Galaxy Nexus. I’m crossing my fingers that, just like Superman, he comes back bigger and badder than ever before… maybe with a sick new mullet.

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  • TheWenger

    Everyone who wants to order a Nexus should call into Apple customer service to complain about the problem.

    • Mitchmoney

      THAT WOULD BE HILARIOUS! Get the whole android community to call apples customer service between 1-2 pm tomorrow and ask why they cant order their galaxy nexus off the google play store!

      • SparklingCyanide

        we could call it the Apple Android call in.

      • Aeires

        Every day, I’m game.

      • Jeffrey Evans

        Call in every day asking to buy a phone. When they ask which one, tell them the Galaxy Nexus, you can’t get it from Google because of a BS ban by Apple.

      • aeok18109

        post the number for their support LOL.

    • JulianZHuang

      Operation: Call Nex!

      • koolkat2

        we should totally do this! sticky in every androidforums subforum!!!!!

        • Fahim Yaqoob

          and twitter. Please make this a thing

    • Brian S.

      Apple customer service number 1-800-275-2273

  • harold

    Apple is an american company and the only reason this is happening

    • Scott Lathrop

      And there products are made in America?

      • Robabobbob

        Nope but I don’t think that’s what Harold is trying to say. It’s the america BS software patents that are the problem. Nowhere else in the world allow these types of patents. I think the best place for people to vent their outrage is at the US government that allow these patents and to ask to major patent reform in the US.

        • scott lathrop

          Agreed…My post was a shot at Apple being American, but not supporting America.

  • Malik

    The only hope we can have is that with all the tech press reporting on this two things happen:
    1. Apple begins to feel some backlash from techies. The only problem is that despite the publicity the Nexus is still a relatively niche product and subsequently the anger will not be coming from the much larger casual crowd, which would really put Apple’s rear to the fire.
    2. Apple’s patent troll attempts will drive sales of the Nexus once it returns as more eyes are open to the device and it’s capabilities.

    • Mimsyborogove923

      Your first point really is the biggest problem. Obviously all of us, and all the people commenting on these article, care about this stuff, since we take the time out of our day to read tech blogs and enjoy them. But, in reality, we probably represent a very, very small percentage of the overall consumer base.

      • TheWenger

        We’ll probably never see this on GMA or something on TV. And if we do, the reporters will be so clueless that they’ll be like “Apple landed an awesome win today….etc.”

      • atg284

        I don’t care we must push on!

    • Larizard

      There is one thing to remedy your point #1: a successful injunction on the iPhone. If Google right now decides to file an injunction over iOS and the copied features from Android, the whole world will take notice.

      Then, a true patent reform can take place.

  • MG83

    With Google Nexus out of the way, Apple can continue to work on Skynet. I mean Jobs did want to go thermonuclear on Android. Just saying…

  • Aeires

    Glad I ordered mine when Phandroid posted the article of Apple wanting it banned. Total BS move by Apple, they’ve become quite disgusting.

  • Joe

    I don’t think that Apple realizes that this BS is starting to turn people that were die hard Apple consumers against their products. I have a few friends that swore by Apple and because of this stuff will never buy a product from them again.

    And who gives a f that it’s an American company. They don’t make ANYTHING in this country. They use cheap labor from outside this country for EVERYTHING.

    • MG83

      The problem is with the uneducated consumer. “I want a phone that plays Words with Friends.” Meanwhile all they know is that iPhone is synonymous with smartphone. Just like Kleenex is to tissue, and AOL was to having an internet connection years ago. It’s only when they get to the store are they told there are better alternatives. But they don’t want to be the odd one out, so they insist on an iPhone to be like their friends who purchased the 1st gen iPhone eons ago.

      • Mimsyborogove923

        Yep, that’s exactly it.

  • Mike Helminski

    Dear Anonymous,

    Please DDoS Apple’s site, so they also cannot sell their own product.


    Those who believe in innovation and competition

  • wickets

    I hope they still release jelly bean on schedule

  • pyx

    You can always order an HSPA+ version from overseas. This way the patent system has screw you the US citizen twice. Send you hard earned tax dollars the EU where they are happy to service you and provide you with the device you want…. and here we always though the USA was the land of choice!
    Try HANDTEC or CLOVE in the UK or MOBICITY in Australia.

    • Jesse Hamlin

      Or just buy it one across the border in Canada…

      • avenuePad

        The only problem with buying from Canada is you get the GN that is updated from Samsung, not Google. Not a big deal if you are willing to flash.

  • Edgar Gurrola

    why don’t we all go and protest outside apple headquaters and yell WE WANT OUR NEXUS!!!! and after that every time launch apples at the building lol hahahahahaha

  • michael clanton

    Good call, and lets not forget that moto/google has requested injunctions themselves…but on SEP, so if they succeeded would all of you be crying about google? probably not, lose after lose, paying royalties to microsoft, android is a stolen product. Microsoft and Apple has a stronger patent portfolio…with alot of non SEP.

    • TylerChappell

      You clearly know nothing about Android or mobile software for that matter.

    • Marsg

      You sir are CFCP if you think Android is a stolen product, Android development started 3 years before apple even started working on iOS and it was bought for 50 mill from Android Inc. in 2005 >.> so can you please elaborate on how Android was stolen ?

    • Xavier Spruill

      Microsoft and Apple HAVE a stronger patent portfolio… also, A LOT are two separate words… damn public schools. Failed this young man.

      • Damien Brown

        funny, i thought when you quote someone you use quotation marks. must have went to the same school SMH :P

        • Xavier Spruill

          This much is true. But, alas I did not quote you. I corrected you. End quote.

  • Seth

    I suppose selling my Verizon GN rt now is a good idea then. Anyone???


    Still available through Verizon and Sprint… sorry Apple few meaningless patents will not stop Samsung and Google or anyone else, it’s embarrassing how much money and what lengths you will go to thwart competition :( Seriously, invent something new, not patent the door knob and claim it for yourself. App store, slide to unlock, phone number clicking??? iPathetic, err uPathetic you seriously effed up company that if you cant beat em, sue em… iLosers, lol NO uLosers!

  • RitishOemraw

    I have a question that I hope someone here is smart enough to answer for me.
    What happens if:

    Google creates a super simple version of android, that does not violate any patents.
    Sells that version in stores……only hardware complaints could block it.

    Then when you, as a customer, turn it on for the first time, you receive an OTA to ICS/JB
    Even when ICS/JB is violating some bogus patent.

    Could Google do that without facing legal actions?

    • EarlyMon

      Nope, don’t think so.

      • RitishOemraw

        Why not? what if an app provided the same functionality? Would that app be violating the patent too? Can apps even violate these kinds of software patents?

    • littledr_2001

      I have been thinkingthe same thing! Remove the ‘offending’ Apple innovation (haha – sorry had to do that) and then yes have those features available as an App upgrade in Google Play. A bit like the updates you can get for the standard loaded apps/services.
      The device was sold unoffending – and what the customer does with it is out of Googles hands. A bit like Flashing an overseas ROM…

  • Dwayne H

    Its still list for sale on verizons site.

  • Barry B Jameswell

    Die Ifanboy, just die (not literally, just bugger off)

  • Kelvin Ti

    One fine day….Retribution will come to rotten Apple……

  • JaMafia

    Boycott Apple!!!

  • JBO1018

    Must organize mass protest/annoyance/drive crazy party for Apple.

  • Lander Foquet

    Apple wants a monopoly.. That’s not really good for innovation. Idiots!

  • Scott Lathrop

    40 oz of High Life? WTF? Why not 10 oz of a Nostradamus Quad?

    • Chris Chavez

      High Life is the champagne of beers.. O_o

      • scott lathrop

        You have much to learn……Champagne never had corn in it…..High Life does.

  • spicymeatball

    I bought 1 for my daughter and 1 for my wife after the orig banned article. Now I have 3 of them in the family.

  • watson111505


  • Matt Crane

    I purchased mine and it says shipped as of last night!! Got the UPS number and everything. Glad I thought to order it ASAP with the ridiculous apple “emergency” ban.

    I will be blogging my experience with setting this up on prepaid, so I would love folks to follow along!


  • abc

    You guys should go to 9to5mac and read the crazy comments iPhone fan boys are writing.

    How can anyone really think this is a good thing?

    • slaguru

      Really. The people here dont write crazy fanatical comments ??

    • Chris Chavez

      I’ve oft wondered how iPhone fanboys react to this kinda stuff… Are they proud of Apple? Do they not care? Do they just hate Android? Hmmmm….

      I told my iPhone friend about this and he agrees, Apple is just not what they used to be. Basically, he hates them — but he still loves their phones/computers -_-

      • Fuzzypaw

        Unfortunately, if Windows 8 is the direction of Windows going forward, my next computer is going to have to be a Mac. But my phones will be Android henceforth, because I can’t tolerate this patent troll crap. :|

  • drake landry

    Apple needs the ban hammer. They are doing nothing but trying to monopolize the cell phone industry. I for one would never own an apple product for the sheer fact that I think it is just a bandwagon people jump on because they don’t know any better about hardware and what’s actually good. Sent from my super awesome galaxy nexus hspa+ on straight talks 45 a month no contract awesome plan where I pull better downstream and upstream than the “awesome” I boring 4s that’s locked down for two years

  • David Gemini Song

    ordered one monday and sold my galaxy s2 tuesday. got shipping confirmation this morning then i saw this. i’m having the biggest sigh of relief LOL

  • avenuePad

    This is outrageous.

  • Derek Maxwell

    When all this is over, Google should offer a free or discounted galaxy nexus to all iPhone users, conditions would apply, it could be great lol

    • Derek Maxwell

      With Jellybean on the horizon, not that ICS wouldn’t do the trick, possibly sway some of those folks on this way…