Nexus 7 factory image released

ROM developers, rejoice. The factory image for Google’s Nexus 7 has been released. Of course, you still have to wait until “mid-July” for the source code of Jelly Bean to be open sourced, but I’m pretty certain a few of you would be aching to take a look up this tablet’s skirt.

BTW, if anyone’s interested, the device’s code name isĀ Nakasi, which is a Taiwanese music form. Fitting, I guess, since the aim of the Nexus 7 is clearly to give Google Play a big kick.

You can get the file over here.

[via Droid Dog]

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  • roebling

    Get it quick, before Apple’s patent for “cool stuff in a picture frame” enables them to get these embargoed.

  • thatcrazyone

    sweetness! now lets just hope the nexus ban fails today