Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV Blu-Ray player coming to Canada August 13th

Folks in Canada will be able to own the Sony NSZ-GS7 Blu-Ray player that comes equipped with Google TV August 13th. Sony’s started taking pre-orders for the device this past Wednesday if you want to stake your claim to one.

With it will be a standard Blu-Ray player with an internet experience that will only get better from here. It comes with a very interesting dual-sided remote that’ll be great for navigating Google TV and the web.

Head to Sony’s site or head to your local Sony shop if you’re interested. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our review of the player here. [via CBC]

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  • RyanandCristel

    The NSZ-GS7 does NOT have a Blu-ray player.
    The NSZ-GP9 is the one with Blu-ray.

  • Martin

    It’s no blu-ray player!!!

  • Joshua Saunders

    Please update or delete. This is the second time the GP9 has been mixed up with the GS7. I got all excited to move to Canada, and now I have to take my house back off the market.

  • bossyman15

    when will NSZ-GS9 blu ray player be released in USA?