Samsung Galaxy S III is today’s Daily Steal, grab one for $599

Looking to grab the new Samsung Galaxy S3 but not interested in those pesky two-year contracts mobile operators want to shove down our throats? Look no further than today’s offer at Daily Steals. You can grab a GSM unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III for $599 and won’t even have to wait out a pre-order delay. What you get is the international version of the GS3, which features a quad-core Exynos processor. Unfortunately this means if you would like to use the phone on a GSM network here in the states you will miss out on the 4G connectivity offered on the carrier versions of the device.

At $599 it’s hard to call anything a steal, but you get one heck of a phone for the money. Act quick, though, because the deal will only be available today or until supplies run out.

[via DailySteals | Thanks to all who sent this in!]

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  • Jeffrey Evans

    No 4G, no thanks.

  • NardVa

    Want work on Tmobile 4G.

  • Aaron soles

    Just waiting on mine to come from Verizon!

  • Matt Crane

    $600 may seem like a lot, but if you have the initial investment, you could save depending what prepaid carrier you go with.

    My blog is detailing my experiences and research as I traverse the prepaid maze.

    Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

  • Raj Kumar

    You suck! I ordered mine from AmazonW for 549.

  • Dia Mortensen

    This is the European Quad Core version, so I believe no 4G here in America. But 4G is overrated anyway.

    • eclipsenyou

      Obviously you’ve never used Verizons LTE, otherwise you wouldn’t say it’s overrated.

  • McLean Riley

    Slowest turnaround and shipping times ever from these guys. I ordered a GNex from them and it took them 2 weeks to ship it. Ridiculous.

  • Rob Brown

    It doesn’t say if it is 16GB or 32GB….

  • phinn

    With the size of this thing, it’s a wannabe tablet. Why not charge a wannabe tablet price :)

    • Stroker

      uh cause it’s not a tablet?

  • Ben Kapferer

    This isn’t a steal at all! You can get the AT&T version contract-free for only $549.

  • Tim B.

    Like others have said, Amazon Wireless AT&T locked (for now) for 549,00 preorder.

  • Vince209

    Damn it, I paid 765 for my Marble Blue one 2 weeks ago :(

  • Chicago guy

    Well I’m on T mobile 4G and the highest I seen on my galaxy s3 was 21mb down. So if that’s overrated I’m very confused