Google Nexus 7 tablet pre-sales begin today for $200, ships mid-July

The folks at Google have announced that the Google Nexus 7 tablet is going up for pre-sale starting today. You can plunk down $200 for your very own 7 inch Tegra 3 tablet that takes full advantage of the advances made in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

You’re getting an extremely powerful device for your money that will have the power of Google backing it for updates. And the wait for it won’t be longer, either: mid-July is the timeframe they’ve given for shipping. Let’s hope no delays stagger our hopes and dreams. Get to the Google Play Store and grab it now!

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  • Paul Riley

    Its on google play in the UK £159.00 for 8GB or £199 for 16GB

  • Jeroen Heijster

    And yet again nothing for the Netherlands…

    • Imparus

      and the rest of Europe :(

      • Jeroen Heijster

        Well, the UK gets it… Still, this is getting really annoying…

        • Imparus

          oh, yeah forgot about UK, but this is the biggest problem I have with google, they need to provide their service worldwide like apple. If google isn’t going to do something about it, it might as well buy an iPhone as my next mobile.

          • Jeroen Heijster

            I know what you mean. Year after year they add features we can’t use (Google voice anyone?). Never an iPhone though, I hate that crap. *sigh* one day…

          • Imparus

            I like android too, but if we keep getting neglected, it would be stupid not to leave the ship. We aren’t allowed to buy the nexus 7, so I’m pretty much stuck with my ipad for my tablet need. I hate apple and Microsoft with the way they manage there business, so I hope google gets there shit together.

          • Imparus

            I like android too, but if we keep getting neglected, it would be stupid
            not to leave the ship. We aren’t allowed to buy the nexus 7, so I’m
            pretty much stuck with my ipad for my tablet need. I hate apple and
            Microsoft with the way they manage there business, so I hope google gets
            there shit together.

  • j

    Um… why is the picture the galaxy Nexus and not the nexus tablet…???

    • MWFish

      you might want to have another look at it. unless you’re cynically commenting on the size/shape of the tablet.

      • scott lathrop

        It was changed. WHen first posted, it was the Galaxy Nexus.

        • MWFish

          Ah. Silly Phandroid.

  • Matthew Merrick

    sorry, but the phone UI is a dealbreaker for me. i want the android tablet UI on my tablet

    • Seth Forbus

      The fella’s at XDA devs will make custom roms I’m sure.

      • Del373

        They already have. Though it might take a while before Paranoid Android is optimized for the Nexus 7.

        • No_Nickname90

          Tablet Mod would be perfect for this. It’s too small for my E4GT. LoL!!

    • No_Nickname90

      There is a tablet mod if you root. A lot of your answers come from root. If you’re going to complain about something software related, you should be willing to root. That is all.

      • Jeroen Heijster

        You don’t need to root. Just install a different launcher. Enough options there.

        • No_Nickname90

          That is so true. LoL!! That makes complaining about the homescreen UI even more pointless. I can’t wait to try this tablet out. X.D

    • Jeffrey Evans

      What part of ICS and higher working on both phones and tablets are you having a problem with?

  • JamesS


  • Jordan Pfingsten

    Already pre-ordered mine! This thing looks legit!

  • SAberdroid610

    Pre-ordered as well. Thanks for posting the link to it!! For some reason my play store was not updating on my work PC. Can’t wait as this will be my first Android tab. JB looks SWEET!

  • ChicagoBob

    Very disappointed. Just another kindle. No hdmi out no micro sd expansion. Sorry google the later is a deal breaker.

    • youareme7

      agreed with the micro sd card, but we don’t yet know about video out. It very well could support MHL. The galaxy nexus doesn’t say anything about that in it’s specs but it has it.

      • John Musser

        this is a multimedia device: stream music, movies from the play store, read books and magazines, surf the web, talk with the camera.

        This is not store all of your multimedia crap on one device.

        • Scott Tompkins

          Right… except it COULD have been all of that + store all your crap, except they forgot to put that simple little card reader that ASUS puts on ALL their tablets.

          • James Banner

            They did not forget I can tell you that. It’s move for Profits. At $199 ASUS gets really minimal margins, at $249, it’s atleast marking up the margin by 10%. It’s still cheap and affordable though, perfect device to kill time.

          • Scott Tompkins

            I personally liked it better when Nexus meant quality rather than budget.

        • bmg314

          Lol…don’t take this the wrong way, but that totally sounded like something Steve Jobs would have said..

        • ChicagoBob

          They have one of those named kindle. Big deal

        • Aslan N.L. Bollin

          so what your saying is that this is a multimedia device without storage for multimedia? Nice….

        • Jeroen Heijster

          I wonder, how will you share your movies to a TV if it doesn’t have DLNA?

          • Aslan N.L. Bollin

            with the $300 Nexus Q

          • Jeroen Heijster

            If you’ve got too much money, please share ;)

          • Aslan N.L. Bollin

            Im not buying that overprices sphere, but I may get the Vizio Google TV tho.

            Nexus Q had so much potential, but Google decided to make it some Apple Airplay type of device. They should’ve made this their Nexus Google TV.

            What a waste /sigh

    • Scott Tompkins

      Was psyched about this tab… was gonna buy one for myself and probably one for my dad… but the lack of Micro SD = total fail for a media consumption device… something tells me this was intentionally omitted to push Play purchases/rentals… poor form Google.

      • ChicagoBob

        I was going to buy 2 as well how dumb a 25cent part. Hdmi out would have been cool but I could live without it. one more goof says cloud and I an going to scream.

    • No_Nickname90

      I just wanted a micro SD card slot. I’ll eat up 16GB so easily. I could care less about some HDMI output when I can just do that with my phone that has MHL support. LoL!!

  • Seth Forbus

    Instant pre-order. I’m sure they’ll sell out so I got it now even though it won’t ship for a while. I went for the bigger one. I was hoping it would be slightly bigger than 16GB, but I think it will be big enough for my needs.

  • ChicagoBob

    This tablet is so close to perfect yet falls short. I can understsnd limiting three cameras for the price but no micro sd

  • Aslan N.L. Bollin

    Massive bezel, Phone UI, onscreens buttons dont hide when gaming/watching a movie, no expandable storage, no hdmi out, no rear cam, poor location for ffc imho (hold it horizontally and you cover the sensor)
    Looks like I’m gonna pass on this….
    WTF Google… /sigh

    • bytewise

      No HD screen, no tera byte storage. You can’t have the world for $199! This is the master strategy by Google to popularise Android tablet sales and to kill Kindle fire and further forking of Android by other companies. I am sure this is going to sell in millions.

      • Jeroen Heijster

        It could sell really well but Google has a limited market when it comes to selling devices through the Play store (a.k.a. US, Canada, UK, Australia and maybe a couple more). I wish it would sell here but I probably don’t want to buy it anymore when I can (probably in a few years judging by how “fast” they expand)

      • Aslan N.L. Bollin

        It has an HD screen and I didn’t ask for a TB of storage.
        No, you cant have the world for $199, but you know what?
        They could’ve added a micro sd slot for less then a dollar
        They could’ve made the software buttons hide when viewing fullscreen apps,
        They could’ve added an hdmi port for less then a dollar (yes, less then a dollar. look it up if you need to)
        And a rear camera sensor would cost more but still not more then $5-10 tops.

    • No_Nickname90

      Um…Why would you hold your device on the side while using the FFC anyways? And I’m really asking this and not being sarcastic. Got any scenarios?

      • Aslan N.L. Bollin

        its just a choice.
        With the cam mounted the way it is it works fine if held one handed in portrait, but your fingers can easily cover it accidentaly when held 2 handed in landscape.
        If mounted horizontally, you can hold it with both hands in landscape or 1 handed in portrait without worry of your fingers obstructing the camera in either orientation.

  • Xorg Kc

    I’m ordering it. Had the Sammy Tab2 7″ and like the format (over 10″) but it was a bit slow and needed a proprietary cable to charge so returned it. The Nexus charges with any micro USB and Tegra 3 is a great performer.

  • IronHorse01

    Meh another kindle

  • mikeclee

    I’ve been holding out for this day…$50 more for double the storage? I think it’s worth it since there’s no expandable memory.

  • Angel De La Riva

    I want it, but as I have a laptop, am getting a SGSIII today, & prefer physical books over ebooks, I don’t see myself using it often.

    • No_Nickname90

      Get it anyways!! You will see yourself using it. LoL!! =.P

  • Mark dizz

    Why can’t we have 32GB and 64GB options. 8GB is just a crime in 2012!!!

    • AmericanPatriot4

      The integrated flash chips are not the same as an external card you can buy. Kinda like the difference between an enterprise HDD for a server storage array is (let’s say for example) ~$300/400 for 500-750GB; where you can by a normal consumer 3 TB drive for ~$170. The difference is quality, MTBF and other specs.

      But I agree, I wish those options were cheaper!

    • NinjaKombat

      I think the 8GB would be okay if there was an microSD or SD card slot. 16GB version wouldn’t cut it for me either. Awesome pricing, but I will have to pass on this due to the limited storage space.

  • scott lathrop

    Still trying to determine what good a tablet is if I already have an Android phone and a Windows lap top.

    • Del373

      I’m in the same boat as you and the only thing I can come up with thus far is that I’d prefer to have more screen real estate when surfing the web on my phone…but then I’ve got my laptop for that.

      I can’t really justify any tablet price point for the “bigger-than-a-phone-screen” argument.
      Though I might ditch my windows laptop in favor of a Microsoft Surface tablet in the future.

      • Jeroen Heijster

        Well I think the Surface Pro will be a good tablet. With x86 support you can run all your windows applications. There aren’t enough tablets apps for Android at the moment to justify such a purchase, same with Windows RT in the foreseeable future.

    • bmg314

      My humble opinion….tablets are still in their infant stage…it’s the same situation as when laptops first starting coming out…people said,”why do I need a laptop when I have my PC/desktop?”

    • No_Nickname90

      Actually to be honest, this tablet would be good. It’s cheap and nice and powerful enough. It’ll get you through things and I doubt you’d need to space. If you NEED to type, then a blue tooth keyboard or 10-inch with a keyboard.

  • Jason Metters

    Pre-ordered almost immediately. The 7 inch size is great and this thing will be a legit, especially for the price!! Got the 16GB version just for good measure.

  • Xyro

    Very tempting, especially since they’ve yet to release the kindle fire here in the UK.

  • MG83

    Just ordered the 16GB version. I was going to get a Kindle Fire earlier in the year, but opted to wait for this. Between my desktop, laptop, phone, and now tablet, I’m set.

  • Dan Sabau

    “Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
    We’re working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
    Please check back again soon”

    • Micha Ols

      It’s a shame. Just seen the same message.

  • pupu

    Bad move to start jelly bean! A lot of android users will get butt hurt because they are on gingerbread still! Fail.

    • AmericanPatriot4

      Yeah, you’re right. They shouldn’t release jellybean because there are a thousands out there still on the Doughnut release. In fact, we shouldn’t have indoor toilets either because there are some who don’t have indoor plumbing.

  • DavidVarghese

    The only thing drawing me away from this tablet is no micro sd expansion.. 8/16 gb isn’t much to store my movies and music on it. Also, there isn’t a major difference (someone please prove me wrong so that it would give me a reason to buy this beast!) between the capabilities of this tablet vs my Evo LTE… so for now, I won’t be getting the Nexus 7…

  • kyo consunji

    I base my purchase on the price so… Maybe this will do. Maybe.

    • Seth Forbus

      Fair warning to everyone, this link now needs to a porno blog. Maybe it didn’t use to but it does now.

  • Montisaquadeis

    Hmm wonder if google will ever come out with a service that lets you stream your own videos from the cloud such as play music letting you stream your music but for now I will be using skifta to stream my large video collection over both wifi and 3g-4g. Its a dlna service that lets you stream over both wifi and 3g-4g. Just need to sign into your account and your server will appear under remote services when browsing on your tablet/phone. A no 3g/4g option for this is perfectly fine for me as I would just tether it to my phone anyways like I did while on vacation last week.

    • Ryan chandler

      I’ve been using Plex to do this for about 2 years. How do you like skifta?

      • Montisaquadeis

        Nice app and the only one I could find that would work the way I wanted it to the others I tried just werent up to the task and they just updated it for tablets from what the emailI got said.

  • abc

    Does it at least have GPS?
    Would suck if they left out GPS, especially when it would probably cost them close to nothing to add a GPS chip.

    • Guest

      Google: Hello, Broadcom? This is Google. We would like some GPS chips for our new tablet.

      Broadcom: Sure thing! We’ll get right on your order!

      Google: How much will that cost us?

      Broadcom: Nothing!

      Google: Cool!

    • No_Nickname90

      Everything has GPS. You shouldn’t have even asked that. LoL!!

      • James Banner

        Don’t be so sure. The defunct HP Touchpad didn’t had a GPS!

  • burgosma

    Purchased the 8 gig version. I have the Xoom 32GB and I never got close to using that storage unless i copied movies to the Xoom which was never really necessary because I generally watch Netflix on it.

  • slsf617

    I guess they want me to connect a flash drive to my tablet……sigh. It has almost everything I wanted except I was hoping for a micro sd slot.

  • youareme7

    I’m a little surprised i haven’t seen anything about docks since they have the pogo pins on one side. I really want a car dock for it.

  • lolwut

    I’m floored at all of the negative comments from you all. Sometimes I think that people come over from the MacRumors forums just to talk shit on the Phandroid boards. Google releases a $199 badass, quad core, full Android tablet and all you people have to say is LOL IT DOESN’T HAVE AN SD CARD SLOT LOL GOOGLE SCAMMING US WTF THE PHONE INTERFACE. Who knows whether or not 4.1 has two separate interfaces for phone and tablet? It may be more iOS-like which would be good ultimately (fragmentation mitigation). Also, God forbid a business make money. I guarantee Google is selling this at a slight/moderate loss. If you want expandable storage, go buy an unsubsidized device. They’ve really done all of us a favor. This is an EXCELLENT device and they’re going to sell a ton of them and you’ll have plenty of custom ROMs come August. This is the first real competitor to the iPad. Be excited for the Android ecosystem and for your sweet new low-cost, high quality tablet.

  • Guest

    Meh… it’s no iPad… that’s for sure!

    • Jeroen Heijster

      Hello there fanboy, came out to amaze yourself that others don’t view the world like you do? Anyway, since I’m friendly, welcome to the real world.

    • bmg314

      Well, it IS rectangular. 0_o

  • Kevin Jin

    to everybody raging about the lack of a sd card slot, theres apps on the play store that allow you to mount things like a flash drive on the tablet with a usb host cable

  • Aaron soles

    Would buy this right away if it had a micro sd card! Now I don’t think I will. I’ll think about it and see what else comes.

  • Hisham Nabi

    Man, this thing was a microSD card slot and possibly a HDMI out away from being a best seller. Why can’t a company get it right

    • ChicagoBob

      I wish someone would let me know the same thing.

  • Dana Garner-Johnson

    I am getting this!I have to wait until September though. I would prefer an sd card slot, but that is not a deal breaker for me. I plan on getting the 16 gig version, it is only $50 more. I am so excited!

  • Nigel Harrison

    just bought mine, 8gb is sufficient for everything else “to the cloud” baby – this combined with my Xoom (which is my daughters now) and my galaxy nexus and all having Jelly Bean (well by end of July) leaves me absolutely stoked. BTW those that say this is just another Kindle are missing the point for one the hardware is great (tegra 3, etc.) second the OS is pure Google not some bastardized version and 3rd it’s going to be able to run more apps from play and receive more SW updates – google +, maps, Key Lime Pie than Kindle ever will

    Edit – plus it includes a free movie, a free book and $25 to spend in the play store…buy of the year

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    Meh. Call me when they release the Nexus 10 with either 32GB internal or micro SD expansion.

    • No_Nickname90

      That actually sounds interesting. And 2GB of RAM. From what Jelly Bean can do, looks lyk a lot of things will be happening in the background.

  • dave0611

    Nobody is praising Google for properly releasing a Nexus product.
    Product announcement –> Preorder the same day –> Product shipping in a few weeks.
    Sounds like they are getting their act together.


    quit advertising crap

  • Nigel Harrison

    Can’t wait to see the 1st day sale numbers (pre-order numbers go up) – will tell a very interesting picture I am sure

  • Jeffrey Evans

    Biggest question I’m wondering now is whether Asus is still releasing the Memo 370T or only this tablet?

  • Mark Seven

    Love the price but I definitely wanted a micro SD card slot.. I’m not a tablet person so this would be my first one if I decide to get it.. WiFi is not everywhere and I can’t depend on no damn Cloud all the damn time..

  • James Plowman

    Everyone is complaining that it doesn’t have a feature that they want. Uhm its only $200 and has enough power to compete with the transformer prime. It is an amazing deal. If you wana spend a few hundred more bucks on a sd card slot than be my guest. No other company has a product this powerful at this low of a price.

  • RichardReich

    No SD, no buy.