Google Glass Explorer Edition up for pre-order: With $1500 price tag, not for everyone

Google Glass has been one of the most interesting recent projects in the tech industry. We find ourselves broken about the subject, as it may turn out to be one of the most awesome accessories in Android’s history – But it could also be the biggest gimmick. Regardless, Google has finally announced when these wearable accessories will start hitting the streets, and that will be during early 2013.

That won’t be the case for everyone, though. The Google Glass Explorer Edition is only available for pre-order to Google IO attendees, starting today. With a hefty $1500 price tag, that is.

There is no doubt this product is far from being released to the general public, but we hope this price is no indication of how much these glasses will cost when fully released. We will simply have to wait and see, but at least we know we are closer to seeing the product’s potential. As soon as Google Glass starts shipping, we will definitely have developers getting their hands all over it.

What do you guys say? Would you get a Google Glass set for $1.5 grand?

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  • Aztec713

    I’l take 20!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • Fahad Rahman

    Maybe the final product but I would have to see everything that it could do and would have to be convinced that I would use it on a daily basis… but as it stand right now I would barely pay 500…

  • Fahad Rahman

    Also the site look a million times better in white, just saying…

  • Alexander Ramirez

    To be honest, the fact that they are basically a prototype and probably limited production, that price doesn’t seem too bad.

    Edit: I’m sure they’ll reduce the price once they’re being mass produced and sold to consumers.

  • bakdroid

    Only if it gave me x-ray vision and I could watch Steve Jobs decompose in the ground!

    • Richard Braley

      LOL Wow. Steve just sent me an email from the grave. He said because of your comment he’s only releasing the iPhone 4s² this year based on lightsquared technology. hahaha

    • InspectorGadget80


    • Chris Sullivan

      I heard that Apple wants to sue claiming prior patent art because Steve Jobs wore glasses

  • Thomas

    In about 3 years these will be in one of those Yahoo the laser disc & “new” Coke. I just don’t see these ever working out.

    • Richard Braley

      It’ll look great next to my minidisc collection. Technology so far ahead of it’s time it was outcasted till it was outdated.

  • Dale Griggs

    Are you crazy? Only if some really stupid company I worked for would buy me a pair.

  • don hearn

    so…can i buy phandroids I/O pair?

  • OfTheDamned

    I can’t see myself wearing these.

    • Del373

      Perhaps they’ll be able to beam a projection of the wearer out in front of them to show them just how geeky they look. Technology like that is one of the only reasons I can see why the price-tag would be justified.

      • OfTheDamned

        I’ll wait for the contact lens size solar powered versions. I won’t buy the Samsung model though in case it gets too hot.

        • jeremyseattle

          But then you gotta stare at the sun in order to charge them, and you go blind, so you can’t use them anymore. :(

          • smithers85

            if you can see things, light is hitting your eyes. no need to stare at the sun.

  • scott lathrop

    It’s 1.5 large

  • Steve Albright

    I’m making Rob pre-order these today… I cant wait to get action shots of when I sit at a computer all day!

  • jstew182

    I am having a hard time understanding how you can focus on something that sits that close to your eye…

  • Chrispy Skullweek

    Jean claude van damme gonna sue. btw, article Date is wrong, date is wring, dite is wrynge, durr i darr

  • Pkmmte

    Even though they said it would ship early next year, I still would have pre-ordered these…

  • bob

    I probably wouldn’t wear a pair for free. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to check them out and play with them a bit. Just not interested in having Google attached to my face.

  • eclipsenyou

    I’ll just wait for the holographic display on the Samsung Galaxy V due out in 2013. :)

  • n.r. bovee

    They looked cool, but those of us that wear glasses are SOL.

    • vioalas

      They showed a google glass attached to sunglasses and regular glasses, so it’ll come.

  • No_Nickname90

    Oh I’m so getting a pair when these come out. I’m also throwing $100’s and $50 out my Bugatti this weekend down in Miama, Florida this weekend. Make sure you all stop by.

  • Crimsonshadow774

    Well they lost me. I wasn’t paying over 200 for them.

  • Dean Politis

    I don’t think I would wear these. I would be too embarrassed. Does the wearer see anything? If so, I wish they would have shown that.


    @ Edgar C: Can you please help me? I’m getting super frustrated, trying to find a photo of what it looks like to LOOK through the dang project glass! Why hasn’t anyone posted photo of this???? Please let us know, will be much appreciated!

  • Sondrek17

    If I can browse the web, watch movies, call with it, listen to music and it has a good battery life. I would consider to buy it.

  • nick300

    Not for 1500. I would pay about the price of a cell phone. I just can’tpay that much.