HTC EVO 3D ICS update rolls out in EMEA; Sprint users cry

HTC’s making nice on most of their 2011 phones getting Ice Cream Sandwich. The HTC EVO 3D is the latest to receive the upgrade, but unless you’re in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) you won’t be seeing this.

And even if you are, your carrier might not be able to get it out to your handset right away. The update clocks in at around 300MB and expectantly includes HTC Sense 3.6, a small upgrade over its previous version but nothing as significant as Sense 4.0.

Meanwhile, Sprint users here in America are still waiting and there’s no telling when it will get out to everyone. The last release window we heard of was June, ┬ábut unless they have something brewing up over the next five days it looks like we might have to wait a little while longer. [via The Unwired]

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  • Raheen

    This is why I’m ditching HTC. Galaxy S3, here I come.

    • Jeffrey Evans

      Doubtful you’ll see timely updates on the S3 as well. I’m ditching my S2 soon for a Nexus device, removing carriers and OEMs from screwing it up.

      • lordmerovingian

        Wish there currently was a Nexus device worth ditching my Galaxy S2 for. The current Galaxy Nexus is bested by my Galaxy S2 in almost every category and spec point, so what’s the point. Plus I’ve been running ICS on it (albeit a leak) for months now.

        • Jeffrey Evans

          Hopefully tomorrows news will change that, let it be the year of the Nexus.

          • lordmerovingian

            From what I gather, tomorrow’s Nexus hardware announcement is going to be a 7 inch tablet, not a new Nexus phone. So we’re stuck with the current Galaxy Nexus.

          • Jeffrey Evans

            I’m still holding out hope that there will be 5-7 devices, which would likely be phones and tablets. *fingers crossed

      • Arthur Eastridge

        The nexus series is a “google inspired” phone built by the winning bidder of a contract. Look closely, the first series of nexus phones were HTC. the new generation is Samsung. If you really want to get away, go Motorola or LG.

    • Softgel97

      Are you kidding me?! Samsung is notorious for slow updates.

      • LawrenceMcatee

        again… kies… I have had to many sammies for my customers and for some reason htc users (I sold a metric ton of the htc vivid) all seem to have figured it out without a helping hand.

    • LawrenceMcatee

      >implying samsung has any phones other than the s2 that has been updated…
      kies… really

    • dbcad7

      HTC Sensation 4G had ICS a month before SII … But still, I don’t get all the despair over these updates.. It was the same with Eclair to Froyo as it is from Froyo to ICS.. Yes they are nice updates, but is it really that big a deal ?

  • Donnie Harris

    Ha ha /nelson voice

  • Jeffrey Evans

    You could rename this article to read “Sprint, slowest carrier on the planet to update their phones.”

    • Softgel97

      Completely false.

  • Gerard Krupa

    Didn’t summer officially start in the USA last week?

    • NYCHitman1

      Same thing I was just thinking. The official first day of summer was last Wednesday the 20th.

  • Scott Stafford

    I’ve been running a solid everything works ICS build leaked from shooter for weeks!

    • NYCHitman1

      Yeah, but that was for another carrier – even if it is a Sprint subsidiary. It wasn’t intended for our device directly. We just have amazing devs who have been able to get it running 100% and smooth to boot. Either way, I would rather see the official release since that likely means we could see some source posted for our kernel machines to get to work.

  • King

    Yeah, the official start of summer is June 20th

  • Mark Seven

    My lil cousin has an international version of the 3D that he is using with T-Mobile prepaid here. It was a gift, his brother bought it off somebody. Does anyone know if that will get ICS??

  • bboyAndroid

    Not only am I ditching Sprint as my carrier but I’m saying bye to HTC phones as well. Hello C Spire and there LTE network in September and the SGSIII. I’ll finally know how it feels to have a fast working network in Mississippi.

  • BigCiX

    I don’t understand why everyone puts total blame on phone manufactures. It mostly due to our stupid ass carriers and their bloatware & way of selling other phones. Googles main downfall. NO CONTROL!!!!!!

    • malcmilli

      its hard to say mostly, i would say they both need blame. It’s not like HTC was sending updates a few months ago or anything.

  • Dia Mortensen

    Unless your already on Virgin! Haha, already have ICS :p

  • toomuchgame441

    And stuff like this is why I got rid of my 3D, very happy with my GNex

  •'s+Games+and+Apps Brian Ouellette

    Virgin Mobile Users who have this phone already have ICS on it. For $35 a month and a $299 phone you get 300 minutes, unlimited text and web. (2.5 GB throttled) Of course you can always do the more expensive plans.

    So for you people who are getting a “Free” phone, may want to double check the amount you are spending through the life of your contract.

  • Reggy

    How is it that the VM 3D already has ICS it but Sprint customers do not?
    Is it just greed? You know people want to be running the latest and greatest so why not make them buy a new phone to do so.
    You just want to sell a bunch of new LTE (Sprint Network Vision) phones w/ICS to poor saps who don’t even know there is practically NO LTE network infrastructure in place! And I almost forgot they get the privilege of paying an extra $10.00 a month for the use of the practically non-existent network. In the mean time you have customers that have been with you for many years getting ready to jump ship for business practices like this.Just go to any Android forum and read some of the posts regarding Sprints EVO 3D & waiting for the ICS OTA. Your really ticking off your customers and from what I can tell you can ill-afford losing yet more of your customer base. Release the update already, I know you have it! Don’t ask how but I do. My last post (Network & Coverage) was about not being able to make or receive any calls and having no data connection for over a week! I know this will probably never get read by any Sprint employee with any clout but at least I got to vent to my fellow frustrated 3D owners.Now excuse me while I go stand by the railing of this ship. Do the right thing Sprint, push the EVO 3D ICS OTA!

    • Eddie Capraru

      Why are u writing this here? Sprints not going to see it. Write it on sprints homepage or email them a complaint or call the corporation and do so to HTC corporation. That what everyone needs to do in order to get anywhere.

  • Greg Huddleston

    Hummm. Wont be buying another HTC device anytime soon (with exception of RIM, I have never seen a company go from near-first-to-last so quickly). These guys are really blowing it. (maybe they are just going out of business in the US? Thats what they are acting like).

  • Roger

    Just root your phones….I’m enjoying ICS right now

    • Eric Gigliotti

      For those of us with HBOOT 1.5 S-ON, its kinda hard – especially if you don’t feel like intentionally bricking your phone to do it.

  • Oliver Almare

    Speaking of ICS update…woke up this morning and there was an update notification on my Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet. It was upgraded to ICS, and the darn thing feels like a brand new tablet! :)

  • ScionicSpectre

    The really annoying part is that Sense is kind of hacked together with the rest of ICS. It doesn’t feel all that integrated. As much as I love my 3D camera/screen, I think I might be willing to trade that functionality for a phone without hardware buttons and a fresh, upstream Android experience. I’m getting sick of all these pretentious modifications.

  • 3vo

    Just got off the phone with a sprint rep said that we should get the update sometime next week