Google TV Webpage Updated – Site Redesign, Apps, Overview, Products List

Google TV is about to blow up this year (or at least get an extra big boost from Google) and while we wait around to see what Google has planned for the TV OS at Google I/O this week, there’s been a silent update of sorts to their webpage, adding new content and a fresh new design. Google is giving a nice overview explaining the differences in the 2 distinct types of Google TV’s we’ll see this year: integrated and buddy box. Integrated is, a the name implies, built into the actual television set Google TV comes equipped inside. Buddy boxes are the traditional set tops we’ve seen with the Logitech Revue and Sony’s Internet Player (finally heading to the UK), as well as their Google TV Blu-Ray players.

You can see Vizio’s Stream Player — introduced back at CES earlier this year — is listed on the Google TV products page, although still listed as “coming soon.” Let’s hope we see more of this little guy at I/O, as well as solid release date. Should give Apple TV a run for its money.

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  • Omer Subhani

    If that Sony player has bluray then I’m all in. My cousin has one of the older Google TV models and I really liked it.

  • Sean

    wrong link

  • roebling

    Google TV doesn’t play most Android apps, it doesn’t play the internet-cached episodes that most TV networks offer, Hulu singles GTV out for blocking, and flash makes GTV’s browser crash-prone. In fact, if internet-surfing on my 55″ HDTV from the comfort of my sofa wasn’t the most fun a guy can have sitting down, I’d get rid of my Google TV!