Sony’s Google TV-equipped Blu-Ray player now available for pre-order in the UK

Up until now the United States has been the only country blessed with a selection of Google TV devices. All of that is about to change, however, as Sony’s Google TV Blu-Ray player is up for pre-sale in the United Kingdom.

Sony’s site says you’ll be receiving the device on or around July 9th, but we’re not sure if this date is for pre-sales only as we’ve been hearing July 22nd.

And the fun won’t stop there: Sony’s committed to bringing Google TV to Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, and the Netherlands sometime down the line.

If you want to check out review of the NSZ-GS7 Google TV Blu-Ray player by Sony, be sure to click here. Also be sure to watch Google’s international demo video above. [Google via GTVSource]

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  • unbearablepleasures

    Do this device plays blue-rays?

    • Gus70

      No it doesnt. Huge mistake on this article.

    • adi19956

      this one does, the other, cheaper one doesn’t

  • Gus70

    This article has its facts wrong. The NSZ-GS7 does not have a Bluray player. The Bluray player model wont be available till later this Fall. The new Bluray model is the NSZ-GP9. The NSZ-GT1 was the original with a Bluray player.

  • Gene Simmons

    This is over priced, I paid $250 for the previous generation player and it came with a Bluray player that supports 3D Bluray. I don’t see any major improvements for this player at $199 I don’t know were they are going with this device. They should have left Bluray in.

  • Aled Jones

    Going to wait to see how this pans out, but I do like the look of it :)

  • Aled Jones

    Been looking forward to this so hope it well worth it!