Free to Play MMORPG Dragon Eternity Looks Promising – Coming Soon To Android


Another cross platform, “free-to-play” MMORPG is soon headed to Android devices, this time by publisher Game Insight. The game is called Dragon Eternity, and it will allow players on Android, iOS and HTML5 capable browsers to battle along side each other in a fantasy-based MMO adventure.

With over 500 different monsters to vanquish, there are definitely no shortage of enemies in Dragon Eternity. Players can choose between 3 character classes but by equipping various items collected throughout the game, can customize these characters with magic such as Berserk (Fire), Witcher (Earth) or Paladin (Order) in order to progress. PvP also makes the cut for those that wish to gain experience points by challenging other players.

Thousands of quests, countless ways to level up, 10 different mounts and more items than you can shake a stick at, Dragon Eternity will suck in more than a few Android users looking for a new online addiction. The web-based version of Dragon Eternity is already in its beta stage with over one million players. We’ll let you know as soon as it hits the Play Store.


Chris Chavez
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  1. :O Looks decent. I’ll have to check it out on my S3 when I get it :)

    1. you just wanted to say galaxy s3 admit it :P

  2. Order and Chaos is way better

    1. Are you one of the beta testers for the web-based version? If not, your opinion can and will be taken with a grain of salt. Not everyone likes your run of the mill WoW copycat MMO.

  3. Ooo!! Looks fun. And talk about cross-platforming. Mobile and computers and play together? That’s unheard of!!

    ‘Bout to try it out now. Ima be a mage. =.D

  4. Sounds cool!

  5. Definitely getting this. Order and Chaos is not better, well maybe graphically when it does not glitch. Free to play and Cross Platform is the way to go.

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