Samsung’s “Jasper” makes an appearance again, this time at FCC

The Jasper is one shy device. After making an appearance at the Bluetooth SIG two months ago we’ve finally gotten some more information for the SCH-I200, upon the release of it’s FCC documents. What do we seem to be looking at? A mid range addition to Verizon’s LTE stable playing second fiddle to the S III.

A little summary on what we do know so far: the Jasper’s got the Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1.5 GHz onboard, runs ICS and has an 854X480 pixel screen. The Gem and the Illusion, previous mid-range phones, were numbered the I100 and I110, so the Jasper looks like a successor to the two. It scored 2853 on the GLBenchmark, which is respectable.

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  • Andy

    Okay device and it will probably get lost in GS3 stories. Can someone actually give me the spec for Galaxy Note for t-mobile? I hope it will have a faster chip like S4 1.5ghz