Because pulling out your phone is too much work, check out these jeans with transparent pockets!

Just when you think people can’t come up with weirder stuff, you run across mouth-opening concepts. Enter the next generation of jeans for tech enthusiasts. The Delta415 Wearcom jeans come to alleviate all your smartphone usage problems. These bad boys will let you use your smartphone without even pulling it out of your pocket.

The extraneous pair of pants feature a transparent pocket that is covered by a zipped piece of cloth. Upon unzipping the pocket, you will only find a transparent layer separating you from your precious smartphone. And what is even more interesting is that one can operate touchscreen devices through this transparent film.

Aside from using your phone in the rain, we really don’t see too much use for these. The feature seems like a luxury, or even a “gimmick.” We suppose it would be a cheater’s dream during a test, or convenient just for using it in the bus or any similar situation. But for $160, this pilot-pocket-inspired pants come at a very high price.

So what do you guys say? Would you get some of these? I can totally see Chris rocking these pants.

[Source: Alphyn Via: Gizmodo]

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  • JulianZHuang

    it’s stupid. it’s not even make by zara, fcuk, allsaints, or marc jacobs… over priced non name brand.. no thanks. the most important part, it’s not even a skinny jean….

    • Jeremy Davis

      Curses! Not a skinny jean! Useless then! no name brand? Also worthless!

      You’re such a hipster

      • JulianZHuang

        well, i used to wear over size cloth during my high school life, but once i got into a college, i started wearing skinny jean (not super skinny) and starting to care about how i look. of course, even me, not going to buy a 160$ jean. a ~$50 levi is good enough for me. skinny.

        • z0phi3l

          Anyone that wears skinny anything is just another hipster, real men that truly care about their looks wear normal or loose fit jeans

          • Mark Seven


          • No_Smoking

            nah, real men wear what they want to wear. Not what random people tell them they should wear.

    • OligarchyAmbulance

      If those are the brands of jeans you think are quality then you need a wake up call. Just because something is some name brand item doesn’t make it good. It makes you a pawn.

      • JulianZHuang

        for a famous brand item, you buy the name not the item. but for 160$, i have never heard of that brand.

  • Renzo Arauco

    Wearable computers? :closeenough:

  • adi19956

    I laugh every time Americans talk about pants, I’m British.

    • squiddy20

      Implying you wear none?

      • adi19956

        No, you misunderstand. Pants in British English exclusively means underwear. Do you call them underpants? Undergarments, boxers, Y-fronts.
        We call “pants” trousers

        • squiddy20

          Ohhhh! Now I can definitely see why you think using the word in this way is funny! I guess we never stop learning! :)
          I’ve never heard them called Y-fronts, but I can see where the name comes from. Interesting. I’ve only ever heard them called boxers, underwear (which can apply to females as well), briefs, and “whitey-tighties” among a few others in normal conversation. I’ve heard them called underpants and undergarments before, but mostly in older, more formal books and such.

  • OMFCody

    Other than water damage, how is that at all practical in every day use?

  • Sean Daniel



    Edgar,of course Chris has a pair of these already.

    Strangely enough, he uses a denim wallpaper on his phone when he’s rockin’ these. ;-)

    • Edgar Cervantes

      I am sure his favorite thing about these pants is the fact that you can avoid leaving fingerprints on your screen. :P lol

  • Barry Christian

    I need a pair of these for riding my motorcycle.

  • master94

    I see alot of teens using these to cheat on exams as soon as the price drops.

    • 91firebirder

      That was my first thought when I saw the pic on the phandroid homepage… college professors as going to have some issues.

  • InspectorGadget80

    And why am i seeing a iphone in his pocket on this site? Its probably as expensive as the iphone. And people are getting too damn lazy and if a theif see this transparent jeans they will rob u. Bad idea if u ask me.

    • coybot

      i have to give them a little credit for not using the iClone white earbuds in the photos… which happen to be the worst headphones i have ever used in my life.

  • pyx

    My 2cents worth….. 1st of all those jeans have mug me written all over them.
    Secondly…. if you buying a pair of jeans because of a label..maybe you should by an iPhone next. Then
    you have an excuse to be a douche

  • DarrenR

    Am I the only one that doesnt keep my screen side facing out while the phone is in my pocket?

  • Daniel Keane

    Why do I have to click & load the images twice to get see a large version? Very annoying.

  • coybot

    i can only think these would be good for sneaking text messages during meetings, dinner, class and MAYBE for answering calls while behind the wheel for extended periods of time, or even while bicycling.

  • AJA0

    I don’t want people to see what’s beneath my pockets..