New Motorola Video Formally Introduces Android 4.0 For DROID RAZR/MAXX

If you’re anything like me, you’ve no doubt been calling, texting, and messaging all your friends n’ family, telling them that the Android 4.0 update for their Motorola Droid Razr/Razr Maxx is now ready for the downloading. That conversation could be a whole lot more brief (and less painful) if you simply share this short video, uploaded to Motorola’s YouTube channel today, introducing Razr users to Ice Cream Sandwich, and all the new features it brings. Check it out.

Pretty exciting, right? There are few greater joys in life than finally being able to partake in Android’s latest desserts. Here’s another link for those about to update, detailing the entire process directly from Verizon and Motorola. Make sure you have a full battery and godspeed.

[Verizon Support]

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  • JMack

    Really wish my Photo could get some love sooner then later

  • Itchy_Robot

    Go to the Motorola RAZR site and check out the Webtop video. It is awesome!,en_US,pd.html
    Kodos Moto.

    • Chris Chavez

      Gaaaaah!!! Now I REALLY want a Droid RAZR =/

      • Itchy_Robot

        You know, I feel Motorola hasn’t got enough credit for what they have done lately. I just picked up a MAXX after being forced by Verizon to upgrade before the dredded June 28th comes. I’ve been rocking my old Inc with CM7 nightlies and ICS roms for the past few years. While it was great, I must say I am very pleased with what Moto has baked into their newer phones, or at least this MAXX. Between Motocast (awesome!… allows me to have access to all my media on my PC at all times), Smart Actions (like Tasker but with much better interface), and their new Webtop ICS integration … this is the perfect phone for me. It’s also nice to see they kept the ICS pretty much stock looking. Oh, and the battery life … forget about it =)

  • Brian

    Too bad it isn’t live yet, razr users just got a message saying it would be updated in the next week.

  • Mike

    Crickets… has anyone received the update yet?

    • chargerman165

      Yes as of now. Working great

      • chargerman165

        I have MAXX wife has the white Razr she has not gotten it yet and I tried to pull it no luck.

  • Antonio Perez Navarro

    Not me. I did get a big notice on my phone saying I would get it within a week? How about you?

  • IronHorse01

    Almost makes me wanna get a moto lol

    • Chris Chavez

      I almost said the same thing! Hahaha.. At the very least, I’ll recommend the Maxx to a few more people now.

      • HalfwayCrook

        Wait for the razr hd *drools*

  • Crimsonshadow774

    Bout time. I was beginning to think us nexus users would see Jelly Bean first.

  • Mike

    Nothing yet… I’m still half expecting to find out that this is all just another hoax. I’ll try to suspend my disbelief.

    • chargerman165

      No hoax. Happen to wake up at 4 est and had notification. Took a while to download on a high speed internet. So beware. I have the Maxx and my wife has he white Razr. She still doesn’t have it. Running smooth at this point.

  • Aeires

    That’s sick, ICS is killer. Now Sprint needs to get their crap together and start releasing ICS too.

  • InspectorGadget80

    NO ICS for us ATRIX/Bionic/Photon users. so long Motorola. I’m done buying you’re phones


    How does one activate the multitasking page

    • Jaysen_MikalGrantAllen

      hold home.

  • DinoRick

    Cool… Yay, Motorola…
    -Droid 3 user

  • Loudneon

    Checking update, no, damn, checking update, no, damn, rinse and repeat, no, damn. The agony!

  • Jkemp168

    Has anyone got the update yet?

  • toomuchgame441

    Wow they kept the UI pretty close to ICS, good job Moto

  • DavidB23

    Verizon just turned on LTE in my area. So I am getting LTE speeds and ICS added to my RAZR MAXX at the same time. Along with the 2 day battery life; I am happy as a clam. Great Phone.

  • doc

    Downloading the update right now. WOW!

  • chiplj

    got it :)

  • trey


  • JordanSanchez

    come on.. are you guys really getting it?

    • chargerman165

      Yes happened to wake up at 4 est and had notification. On my high speed internet took a while. Have Maxx. Wife hasn’t gotten it yet on her white Razr.

  • fazlaga

    I downloaded it from a member on xda that gave me a link and now running it with no problems.

  • JordanSanchez

    @fazlaga care to share the link?


    RAZRs are down to less than 300 on ebay. luckily, i’m very prudent about charging and really don’t require a MAXX.

    trouble is i have a XOOM with ICS so why should i really upgrade ’til jellybean arrives on the next MOTO device.

  • fazlaga

    Go to xda droid razr section there is a thread with update file in it. Once download go to recovery and

  • SiloNova

    Okay, now I am actually excited for this update. I wasn’t at first, but this one for the Razr looks great. Any news on the UK release?

  • Chase Purser

    I got the one week notice yesterday. Then got the download ready message when i woke up at 5 central today. LOVE IT! Worth the wait, but as soon as I put in in my Nav doc it defaults to VZNav and I haven’t figured out how to get rid of it. Any advice without a root???

  • Mike

    Anyone on the west coast get it yet?

  • Chris

    Hey, I use disable car home app. Works great.

  • IAmKelmar

    Lovin’ it.

  • Stephen Yang

    I’m still waiting for the update.. :-/

  • Jkemp168

    Why is the update taking so long?