LG to put their tablet ambitions on hold for a while

Immediately following Microsoft’s announcement of their Surface tablets, LG has taken a bold step in announcing that it would focus less on tablets and shift toward smartphones. While it’s a surprise to see them come out and say it, it’s not a surprise that their mobile division isn’t where they want it to be. LG have had trouble breaking into a competitive smartphone space, and with the tablet wars being even more fierce it’s hard to believe they would have had success any time soon. [Bloomberg via The Verge]

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  • james

    Considering there’s never been a good android LG phone I’m glad LG doesn’t upgrade anything.

  • Spritemast

    I’ve seen nothing but bad reviews when it comes to LG phones….I would never get a LG phone until their reputation is good …

    • adi19956

      Apparently the 4x HD is a really good phone. Probably as a result of their new efforts.
      LG were pioneering. Remember we saw the first ever capacitive touch screen on a phone on the LG Prada which also had a design remarkably similar to what Apple whacked out soon after

  • RedPandaAlex

    The tablet market is quite crowded for being so small (and the market for non-iPad tablets is even smaller). But essentially you have every phone OEM and every PC OEM at least dipping their toe into it. I don’t think it’s a terrible idea for HTC and LG to stay out of it.

  • AJA0

    Most of their phones look nice, but in the case of the LG Spectrum on Verizon, it’s made of cheap plastic (like Samsung products), and I will never touch another one of those.

    If they increased the quality of the shell materials, I’d definitely consider an LG for my next smartphone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Mcelhinney/1590732585 Keith Mcelhinney

    I have the LG Revolution. By far the worst phone I have ever had. Bloated, slow and the battery is pathetic. They promised 4.0 and then backpedalled on it. Will never buy another LG phone.

  • Jeffrey Saboliauskas

    It’s not where they want it to be because their support for products after launch are abysmal. I got the LG G slate when it came out, and there was little to no support for it. It’s still rocking android 3.1, and the week after I got it the wall charger broke a nd to this day I can’t get a replacement wall charger they don’t make it. I have to use a car charger plugged into an adaptor plugged into the wall. I cant imagine why their mobile division lags behind the competitors.

  • TheCaprican

    LG please stick to making washing machines. Your phones are master piece of shit