Picasa album tied to the ASUS Nexus 7 surfaces


There is pretty much no denying the existence of an ASUS-made tablet that will launch under Google’s Nexus banner sometime in the next couple months, but a new Picasa web album offers proof that the so-called Nexus 7 has been roaming the halls of Google’s Building 44. The pictures aren’t exactly masterpieces, showing views of what could be the ceiling in any typical office building, but it’s the info their EXIF data holds that is of value to us. Listed as the camera and model is the fabled ASUS Nexus 7.

The usual disclaimer applies here. EXIF data can be manipulated, etc. But in this case the photos can be traced back to a Google+ user going by the name of Somit Bh, and the location data puts the photos origin within Google’s Mountain View campus. From the looks of it, this Somit Bh is a Google employee through and through.

Most are expecting to see the Nexus 7 (I am guessing under a different name) make an appearance at Google I/O at the end of the month, and most reports go on to say it will launch concurrently with the announcement or sometime in July. One main goal has been to keep the cost of the slate down. Most rumors say it will sell for an easy $200 or less.

[Picasa via The Verge]

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  1. Me wants this!

  2. Wtf am I seeing?

    1. Ceiling tiles

    2. google it.

  3. When is it going to come out!? I was going to get it for my birthday coming up, but apparently I’m going to have to wait.

  4. meh…looks grainy :/

    1. Well, you are looking at ceiling tiles and florescent lighting, both of which play an effect on the photo quality. Also, the images are 1280×960, so that could mean its a low quality camera, in the range of 3-5MP.

      1. Wrong on the first sentence. Many current cameras can deal with that lighting situation. It’s nothing hardcore these days.

        1. Umm, genius, the flash was off, if you look at the exif data. That grainy shot does also reflect florescent lighting.

          1. Either way I’m ok with an “ok” camera …I’m not gonna be one of those people that walk around taking lives with an
            ipad….i just hope its better than the OG Asus tab

  5. There is a video with some of the EXIF data here

  6. grainy photo. I hope that’s not the final camera.

  7. Well, judging by the ceiling tile size, it almost looks like it’s taken from desk-height. Which means it might have been taken with a front-facing camera. Anyone ever thought we might see a near-HD front-facer? They could promote Full HD gTalk videos.

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