Verizon approves HTC Droid Incredible 2 update to fix picture download bug

Having trouble downloading images form social networks on your HTC Droid Incredible 2? Verizon just approved an update that will provide a fix. Yep, software version 6.01.605.05 710RD won’t bring Ice Cream Sandwich levels of change to your device, but at least you will be able to properly view photos on Facebook, right? The 32MB update also enables the DINC2’s wireless alerting system, for what it’s worth.

Verizon has posted the small changelog to their support site, which means the actual rollout of the update shouldn’t be too far off.

[via DroidLife]

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  • Adam

    I saw Verizon and HTC Droid Incredible, and I got excited… Then I saw the 2 and not 4G :(

    • YamiYaiba

      But…..the Incredible 4G is garbage. It’s a mixed bag of upgrades and downgrades from the Rezound.

      • TheAtheistReverend

        What a misinformed statement! Not going to go back and forth about this one. Just going to say you don’t have your facts straight or you have an axe to grind.

        • YamiYaiba

          I definitely don’t have an axe. I love my Rezound, in all its rooted, Sense 4 running glory. I just don’t see how a downgraded screen resolution, decreased screen size, and underclocked (though admittedly better, generation and performance wise) processor is better. (also, I’m not sure on this, but does it have a nonremovable battery and no SD slot? If so, double shame on it.) Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like Verizon has intentionally nerfed their flagship HTC device in favor of the RAZR line and the GS3. Compare to other flagship HTCs on the competition: the new EVO and the One X.

          If my facts aren’t straight, I would honestly love to be corrected. I’ve got 2 new VZW purchases coming up before the family plan change and I can’t find a solid enough reason to choose the Inc 4G over the Rezound. The processor is the only advantage I can find, and that’s minimal in real world use.

          • TheAtheistReverend

            Haha, I agree that no removable battery or SD would be a shame.
            As far as the DInc4G in relation to the Rezound, the DInc4G may have lower resolution, but with the reduced screen size (which can’t be counted against it, that is more of a preference thing) the resolution is still very very high. 275ppi is an outstanding resolution even if it is less than HD.
            You said it with “admittedly better” when it comes to the processor. No contest there.
            How about NFC? Incredible 4g
            OS? ICS comes on the DInc4G while the Rezound is still waiting. And if you want to talk root, think of what you can do with that cpu set with a little OC!
            Battery? DInc4G-1700mAh vs Rezound-1620mAh? DInc4G
            Thickness? DInc4G (11.7mm vs 13.7)
            Weight? DInc4G (4.66oz vs 6.0oz)
            Bluetooth? DInc4G (4.0 vs 3.0)
            Camera? DInc4G (details limited, but software is better)

            I can’t think of anything else off the top, but I think the DInc4G has a pretty strong case for being a “technical” upgrade.

          • YamiYaiba

            Preference I suppose. The screen size and resolution are a deal breaker for me. The OS version is irrelevant courtesy of roms. I’ve got a second battery and a charge cradle so when my battery dies, I replace it with another. Thin phones are a bad thing to me, and weight is irrelevant. I don’t use Bluetooth for anything. The camera….I’ll potentially grant you. I guess this really is a case of preference. That screen is a travesty to me.

  • Tim Thompson

    I have a dinc 2 and do not have the above stated problem……
    waiting on ics…..
    and what is the wireless alerting system??
    and this is being pushed to my phone now

    • YamiYaiba

      I believe it is the ability for carriers to push out government delivered messages (i.e. disaster notifications)

      • Tim Thompson

        you are correct, I called,
        thank you

  • Robert Lee

    After my incredible 2 updated, Facebook contact pictures stopped showing up when I look at the list of all the people I’ve texted/texted me. But the picture still shows up if i click the text thread on specific conversations. Anybody know anything?