Canada’s wait for the Galaxy S III extended as ‘unprecedented demand’ pushes release back to June 27

A June 20th launch date that was to see the Samsung Galaxy S III released on Canadian carriers including TELUS, Bell, Rogers, SaskTel,Virgin Mobile, and more can be erased from the calendar, as the Korean mobile giant has informed Canada-centric tech blog MobileSyrup of release delays. Samsung is chalking up the delay, which pushes the phone’s release back to June 27th, to “unprecedented global demand,” but we have to wonder if other factors such as issues with the device’s Pebble Blue finish are to blame.

The announcement also raises the question as to whether or not release dates south of the Canadian border might be affected. Apparent delays in Verizon’s ship date of the device suggest this may be the case. Or perhaps Canada is getting the short end of the stick as production is focused on churning out more GS3 units for the US launch of the highly-anticpated smartphone. Reports of Snapdragon S4 component shortages could also be to blame.

All speculation on how this announcement affects the US launch of the Galaxy S III aside, Canadians with the phone on pre-order will now have the pleasure of waiting out another week before finally being able to get their hands on the device of their dreams.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  • Tommy Thompson

    Please no!

  • Alex Paulson

    And Version’s is all the way on July 9/10th why?

    • Butters619

      You are lucky to get Verizon’s Version before November…don’t complain.

    • Jeff Battocletti

      being the largest US carrier gives you benefits like a special red edition and prolly other fancy crap the rest of us wont get, hell my S3 will have truly unlimited data on Sprint but I won’t have LTE in my area for another year so poop to that

      • Tommy Thompson

        The red edition is for AT&T, not Verizon.

    • ntegrit

      Watch that text prediction…

  • Jeff Battocletti

    “All speculation on how this announcement affects the US launch of the Galaxy S III aside”

    Best let me know so I don’t get my hopes up, I knew the blue peb was a risky preorder but I went with it anyway

    • IronHorse01

      The blue pebble is an ugly ass color

      • DYNK

        no actually it isn’t. The Chrome on the Blue is very very high quality. However the chrome on the white just looks like cheap grey plastic to me. Blue is the obvious choice here…

        • Christopher Williams

          It’s all personal preference and what you like. Enjoy the pebble blue one, it looks nice!

  • Butters619

    They have been predicting that Qualcomm S4 shortage for months now. Too bad there is not much that can be done.

  • maximillion82

    Oh well wasn’t planning on getting this huge disappointment of a phone. It’s a Gnex with an SD card reader that arrived 8 months later.

    • Guest

      You forgot about the Gnex with an sd card reader with TOUCHWIZ on top of it. To some of us that would matter a lot.

    • Kris Souma

      Enjoy your iPhone… LOL

    • Tommy Thompson

      I’ll enjoy my better processor, camera, battery life, that’s thinner with an SD slot device while you keep thinking that.

    • severinj

      that is legit the most ignorant post on phandroid in months


  • Mungus

    Sounds like Iron is bent, being left out in the cold

  • Kris Souma

    Hope the AT&T version is not delayed as I sold my Galaxy Note and am currently using an old Razr until the S3 arrives….

    • Tommy Thompson

      I was about to ask how you were using a Razr on AT&T, but you mean the old…OLD Razr I’m guessing.

      • Kris Souma

        Yes the OG Razr… LOL

  • Jayshmay

    With all the unemployment & economic suffering in the world, why doesn’t Qualcomm just build a brand new manufacturing plant, have 2 12hr shifts, around the clock manufacturing???
    Apple doesn’t seem to have any problem keeping up with demand for their iSheep products.

    • Tommy Thompson

      Because it’s that easy and that simple to just build a plant…

    • renGek

      A factory is not like a lego building that they can just build up and then tear down. You’re not going to hedge your bet that after this production line the next one will have big demand as well. If it does, yay, if it doesn’t you’re stuck with a factory. And how quickly can you fill that factory with workers and the right people to run it and all the logistics that goes with opening a new plant. This ain’t a new mcDonalds.

    • EarlyMon

      Qualcomm is fabless – they design then contract with others to build. Qualcomm takes predicted demand and places orders in advance, and the places making their chips are already at capacity. The demand went up, the existing suppliers were meeting expectations. To meet demand, Qualcomm planned to increase operating costs a few months back when the increased demand came to light, to spend money expanding suppliers. Everything you want done is being done.

  • Sonny Rattan

    Such crap!! This is just bad planning. Why not release what they had ready for June 20, and fill the remaining orders when available? Why make everyone wait?