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Minor OTA update to software version 5.9.905 rolling out to all Motorola Droid Bionic owners

After testing the waters by pushing the update early to about 20,000 users last week, Motorola and Verizon have commenced the rollout of software version 5.9.905 to all Droid Bionic owners. The minor update won’t bring the Bionic to Android 4.0, but it does address stability issues and improves the Bluetooth experience during phone calls as well as tweaks VZW’s Visual VoiceMail app.

Most Bionic owners, however, will want the update for the 4G LTE connectivity issues it addresses, though early reports have some users still experiencing problems with 3G/4G data switching. In those cases, the issue may have more to do with network signal strength in a particular area rather than any actual glitch in the software. Droid Bionic owners should be able to pull the update by heading to Settings > About phone  and checking for available updates. Head on over to AndroidForums to read up on the new software and join in on the discussion.

[via AndroidForums]

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  • derk p

    will this break root?

    • Big_EZ

      Most likely. Use Voodoo rootkeeper to backup root before you update (I always wait until others verify that voodoo still works first)

    • Randy Young

      I used forever root ages ago and the upgrade went perfectly and I kept root.

  • toomuchgame441

    Wow… Is the Droid Bionic even going to get Android 2.2? Motorola is the worst. Troll troll troll ya boat… Gently down the streammmmm

    • Eric Lomas

      What?! The Bionic is on 2.3.4.

    • *you’resuchanoob


  • Matt McCann

    Didn’t break root…update successful.

  • Eric Lomas

    I got the update today, haven’t noticed any differences so far. It did break root for me though.