UK Samsung Galaxy S3 gets its first update

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is still relatively new and Samsung have issued its first upgrade for the device. Aside from stability improvements and updated radios, this update is a bit dry. We are never mad at progression, though, so we’re grateful nonetheless. Firmware LF2 seems to be available through Kies for the UK unlocked version only, but carriers should roll these out in a gingerly fashion on their own schedule. Give it a go if you meet the criteria. [via Android Central]

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  • Lyndon Bredenkamp

    Had mine on the UK 3 network this morning.

  • Viper

    Had mine in the UK …this morning as well. I am locked on a contract to Vodafone

  • Sherlock

    I have the UK 3 one, no update yet…

  • PaulLittlejohns

    I have Vodafone… and I got the update the other day…
    however, I only got one of the updates… and flipboard has disappeared from my device :( any suggestions?

  • Matthew Maber

    Hi I got an orange s3 and have not got the update. my brother has an o2 and he had the update