Spotify’s newly-redesigned Android app revealed

Spotify have unveiled their brand new Android app, a feature-packed revamp that should please plenty of people. Those on Android 4.0 will definitely be pleased as Spotify have designed the app from the ground-up from you guys.

Alongside that biggie, we’ve got crossfade and gapless play settings, a new widget, Last.Fm scrobbling, an “extreme” setting for audio quality (32kbps). high resolution art, new social features, and a whole lot more. We can’t find the app in the Google Play Store just yet but we’ll stay on the lookout for its arrival. Read on for more details. [via Engadget]

Spotify for Android – now on Google Play

Today we’re taking the covers off our latest and greatest Android app. Having undergone a top-to-bottom redesign and with a completely new box of tricks under the hood, we reckon this might be our best mobile app yet.

Available now on Google Play, features include:

Totally new app with full support for Android 4.0
All-new slide-out navigation
Crossfade/gapless playback settings
Widget – control Spotify from the home screen
Folder support – organise and order your playlists
Even more social – check out friends’ profile pages and playlists on the go
Artist imagery in high resolution
Related artist view – available for the first time on mobile
‘Extreme’ sound quality setting for 320kbps listening
Play queue scrobbling
So much faster!

Gustav Södertröm, VP Products at Spotify, said: “For all our Android users, this Spotify update is a huge leap forward. We’ve rebuilt it from top to bottom, making it faster, slicker and much better looking.”

He added: “The feedback we got from the preview we released a few weeks back was really positive. We wanted to give our users something special – we really hope you like it.”

As with all Spotify Mobile apps, you’ll need a Premium subscription to get your music on the move.

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  • Colin Cassidy

    The app still needs some work on options but otherwise its a huge improvement.

  • UniBroW

    just went to try it out and apparently you need to login through facebook, no thanks. sucks too because I was willing to through my money at them.

  • Philip Derbyshire

    Christmas has come early, finally it has got folder support.

  • Mark Lunney

    Good to see a large company who actually took time to read the Android design guidelines. Other app designers should take note (Facebook?).

  • Jake Achee

    I also hate the forced “Login with Facebook”.. I was willing to pay the $10/month if the service met my needs.

  • Bobbin .

    you don’t have to log in with facebook if you already have premium

  • Teddy_Ruxpin

    I have been running this updated app for a few months now (it was available for download directly through Spotify). It is infinitely better than the previous Android version. The only issues I had were loss of playback when switching between blutooth and headset. Hopefully that is fixed in the final version.

    • Elemetrix

      This isn’t the same as the beta, this has added features :)

  • Brandon Arrigo

    The only thing I don’t like about the new version is that it is vertical on tablets. It would be nice for it to work in landscape as well. I hope that eventually happens.

  • Elemetrix

    Not seeing this so called Folder Support anywhere..

  • Steve McNeill

    Looks like the iPhone app…

  • llescaflownell

    One question, for the “extreme” mode, does that mean it does 320 kbps for streams, or for also caching the songs as well?

  • Daniel Tiberius

    32kbps? Count me in!

  • Loren Cogar

    Are they joking?? No landscape support? I am officially cancelling my account with them, this is absolute bullshit! Rdio here I come!

  • thebeeobee

    Playing with this now…looks great!