New 30 second Galaxy S3 TV spot surfaces

Samsung’s about to ramp up the marketing for the Samsung Galaxy S3’s arrival here in America, and another 30-second ad has been uploaded to their YouTube account. As you’d expect it continues along their “Designed for Humans” mantra, which quite honestly isn’t a bad one.

Instead of highlighting a mundane list of specs and showing extremely complex visuals, Samsung instead opts to show how the device could potentially fit in and enhance your life. People want to envision themselves with the device, and this is the best way to show them how. Go ahead and check out the 30 second spot above.

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  • IronHorse01

    Pheww good thing it’s not designed for dogs O_o

    • mikexilva

      If it was designed for dogs it would need a barking recognition, no touch screen, a bracelet like a watch and ultrasound speaker :P

      • Richard Daley

        …and you would be able to grab contacts by holding it up to someone’s butt.

    • Ellianth

      Sheep… not dogs… sheep.

  • Jeffrey Evans

    Beam through the glass was awesome. Samsung finally gets it, make an awesome phone and show us how it helps us in our daily lives.

  • Teddy_Ruxpin

    Is “designed for humans” a direct shot at Moto’s “Droid Does” robotic mantra?

  • Mitchmoney

    I believe Samsung is beginning to understand how to target customers! They are approaching simplicity while showing the great features the galaxy s III has over its direct competition! I like my Galaxy Galaxy nexus, but if I end up moving to another carrier, I might just give it up for the same III. Hmm.. I doubt I could sell my Galaxy nexus for a lot now that Google put it for $400 in the Google play store:-

  • selonmoi

    Worst marriage proposal ever!

  • Russel Baldonado

    does beam work with videos? I couldnt beam a photo out.

    • Aslan Bollin

      The Galaxy SIII has “S Beam” which works just like Beam, but it is also capable of initiating a temp wifi to wifi conection between the 2 devices to enable wireless trasfer of photos and videos.

  • Nic

    That ad has been playing in New Zealand since launch a couple of weeks ago.

  • jon Hutchinson

    New? Being aired since the launch of the s3 in the uk

  • TheCaprican

    Samsung Galaxy S3 designed for human …not sheep