Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX Is The Top Selling Smartphone On Verizon Wireless (Sorry, iPhone)


Don’t believe the hype, it appears that while the iPhone 4S may be the top phone in the US, this trend does NOT translate to Verizon Wireless, the largest carrier here in the states. According to one analyst, it looks like that title belongs solely to the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, who has found itself the top-selling smartphone on Verizon Wireless. Guess Motorola has been doing quite well for themselves after all, huh?

According to the report, there are a few reasons behind this. Verizon has been aggressively marketing their blazing fast 4G network and given the 4S doesn’t exactly feature radios compatible with the carrier’s LTE bands, it’s been left behind in the dust. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if consumer demand will change once the updated iPhone 5 drops (and once again, plays catch up to Android).

I think this is also a testament to the Droid Maxx’s biggest selling feature which, if you ask me, wasn’t its 4G capabilities, but promised all-day battery life. I hope all the other Android OEM’s are taking note. What consumers really want is long lasting battery life, and 3,000mAh should become the new standard. That is, if you really want our hard earned money. Real talk.

[Barron’s | Via IntoMobile]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I thought that was kinda funny, “(Sorry, IPhone)”,. . .ha, ha! ! !

    So much for all that pent up demand for the IPhone on Verizon! People do have choices!!!

  2. I love mine. The combination of LTE, Monster battery life, and a slim design is fabulous. Could never settle for an iphone after using this.

    1. our device will get even better with the ICS.

      1. I can’t wait for that! Really excited to try the BOID twitter app and play with the new webtop.

        1. it will be a good day for us

  3. of course, if you want top hardware and software you must not buy an iPhone
    just watch the “new” features in iOS6….99 % of the new features are Android worse copy….pity that Android has no competitors :(

    1. Android’s competition lays within itself. There’s plenty to go around.. (various OEM’s)

      1. i could not agree more. Moto will make another come back and it will top samsung in sales.

      2. Microsoft’s loose stranglehold on everyone is looming, as well. Every OEM has to pay them that $25 licensing fee to even make Android phones legally…it’s a burden.

        They’ve already gotten Nook to enter in a partnership with them going forward after B&N refused to pay the fee, at first. They’re going to do what they can to make things uncomfortable for android phone makers.

        As of this moment, future Motorola devices are still banned from import because of Microsoft (just a reminder to those that are excited about teh Razr HD).

      3. and this is ingenious…..Samsung adds something which HTC doesn’t include and suddenly it comes part of Android itself….ingenious for Google (if he wants to be so :)

    2. I don’t get it. All the innovation is created through the talent of
      other various companies. Apple comes along, takes these ideas, then
      makes small changes so that they are more appealing to the public (Apple gets away with it). When other companies borrow similar ideas from Apple….they get the crapple sued out of them?

      1. There’s a difference between suing and winning. Apple is being a nuisance because it’s fallen way behind and is having trouble catching up. They only way to stop from getting further behind it to slow everyone else down, and they have a lot of money for lawyers…

        1. It’s not that they are having trouble catching up.
          Look at it like this, if they are still selling millions of devices and don’t really have to change much, I would guess they can turn a hefty profit. I guess due to them having 100 Billion in the bank haha!

          Android is opposite, the OEM’s are battling it out tooth and nail to grab users from everywhere, which is why each iteration of the “next big thing” (again, usually) crushes the existing devices. Bigger, better, faster seems to be what Android OEM’s focus on, while Apple just sits back and rakes in the cash. Just my opinion on what it looks like to me. :)

          1. So very true Manbo. But as people become more savvy with their mobile tech, they are going to expect it to do more and iOS is not equipped to do that. I recall RIM / Blackberry doing the same thing. Look where they are now?

      2. Android is distributed under the apache license. This makes it totally ok for apple to do this.

  4. I got rid of my nexus four a maxx and I’m keeping it until another phone comes out that can even equal the battery life. Battery life> all other features.

    1. Razr Hd. I’m not even on verizon but i’m dying for that phone :/

      1. Me too that will be my next device.

        1. did you get the razr max?

      2. I wish this thing was releasing this month. I feel like I have to bite the bullet and upgrade before I lose my unlimited data.

    2. Droid razr Hd :) I feel it will be the device of 2012.

    3. You can buy an extended battery for the nexus

  5. No kidding, I’ve seen a ton of people with this!

  6. I have the droid razr. I am happy with itt, but i hope i have that big battery of the razr max

  7. Ohhh you guys are making some big statements!!! Saying Moto will top Samsung!!! The Samsung Galaxy is becoming a status symbol of sorts in the Android world.

    1. Only among those who see it as such. It’s a nice phone, good specs, but like any other, it’ll be eclipsed shortly after its released. Status symbols are for Apple users who have to make themselves feel important to justify owning an inferior product.. Android users are more concerned with getting the phone that best serves their particular needs out of the myriad of choices we have. Android is substance over fashion.

    2. Maybe Samsung is better with their gsm radios but they suck when it comes to cdma, I wouldn’t even call their devices phones. Also, status symbols are for Crapple.

    3. They`re talking about the MAXXX and the IPHONE on VZW, just in case you did missed the point…. Not talking about which Android best phone?
      You`re talking about something different.
      The Moto MAXX it`s a good Phone, but sorry I`m not willing to pay VZW their rate, their service in my area not much better than Sprint or AT&T. AT&T has better signal inside my house and Sprint send me an AirAve to boost their signal which it did.

    4. maybe so but I don’t know anyone that owns a samsung phone they are either moto or apple.

  8. I’m loving mine. Can’t beat the battery life.

  9. Got a MAXX, Gnex and iPhone (still not sure why have iPhone) love Gnex but if had to go to one phone would be MAXX. LOVE THE PHONE AND BATTERY LIFE.

    1. its a great phone,,,,,…cant wait for the new and improved version

  10. my next phone.

  11. So much for the June 12th roll out of ICS as reported by CNET. Another so called media outlet that cant report facts.

  12. got one in my pocket!

  13. Best phone I’ve ever owned, hands down. The battery was the biggest seller for me. I can go a whole day and more using anything on my phone I want without having to worry about charging it.

  14. That’s nice new to hear. It’s a solid phone, and VZW has been pushing the hell out of it. I’ve seen more Droid commercials the last month or so than any other phone commercials.

  15. This is nice to read. It’s also good to see so many comments here from people who have and love this phone. Not being in the US, it’s easy to dismiss Motorola, or just forget about them entirely.

    I have a soft spot for Moto, but they had been floundering since the original Droid. I hope they’re finally turning it around. Focusing on battery life was a great move. Android already brings a manufacturer so much, it appears it’s easy to lose track of the basics.

    Hopefully they’ll continue to improve under Google: keep the focus on great hardware, lighten up on the reskinning nonesense, dramatically cut back on the number of different models, and do a much better job of supporting them…including internationally.

    There’s plenty of room for several strong manufacturers, including Motorola, in the Android ecosystem.

  16. I am all about trying to have the best hardware when I upgrade, but battery life is probably the largest consideration in my phone purchase… as it seems it is with the majority of people out there (from the looks of this article). When I was debating purchasing the original HTC Incredible, the first thing I did was make sure it supported an entended battery. It’s nice to see Motorolla cramming these large batteries in their phones and keeping them small. I am about to re-new my contract soon and the MAXX HD is on the top of my list. I was looking at the Galaxy III, but it’s battery is much smaller than the MAXX’s. SO, more than likely I’ll go with the MAXX. The only thing that I don’t like about the MAXX is that it has no battery door. Though, with it’s large capacity, I think I can overlook that.

  17. Junk article. No stats just “one analyst” Here are some real stats from Verizon from apple.

    “Verizon has spilled the beans on iPhone sales, announcing during the carrier’s Q1 2012 financial results call that it has sold 3.2m of Apple’s smartphones. The news means a dip in iPhone sales from Q4 2011, where Verizon announced it had sold 4.2m of the handsets, though a rise year-on-year. Back in Q1 2011, the carrier sold 2.2m of the CDMA iPhone 4. In fact, Apple sales continue to overshadow 4G LTE adoption.”

    Obviously this is from Q1 which ended in April but also take in account that iPhones are also sold at Apple Stores also and not just Verizon stores.

    Again Junk article, with no numbers, no source, just an “analyst”. New low for you guys Phandroid.

  18. My Galaxy Nexus with ICS and 3800mAh extended battery just sh*tt*d all over you guys…and it still feels more comfortable!

  19. Did you just link to yourself as source, Phandroid?

  20. my only gripe is the screen – I compared my rezound to the razor maxx my brother just picked up and its horrendous side by side. Not so bad if you never know, but it was pretty bad – colors way off, not as bright. I envy battery life though – its the phones best feature and OEM’s really should take notice.

    1. Really? I’ve seen a few rezounds in person and the razr definitely has a brighter screen

  21. I have the motorola droid x and the battery life stinks but however I CAN get out on it no matter where I am at and I do not lose calls,had the htc incredible and it sucked…could not get out regardless of where I was…ALWAYS lost my calls…hated that phone,do NOT care for htc.My next phone will be a droid bionic or iphone 4/5.

  22. Sup apple? Time to catch up. Your only a name, and unfortunately that’s how you get your sales. I convinced a guy at work to make the switch from the 4s after he seen how powerful my RAZR MAXX is and how I streamed music for almost 12 hours at work without killing my battery meanwhile he barely touched his iPhone and it was about dead halfway through the night. One at a time, they will slowly dwindle and eventually people will be like “What’s a iPhone? Is it like android?”

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