NFC payments getting murkier: could Sprint be launching yet another service?

The world of NFC-based mobile payments is an utterly ridiculous state. Just about everyone is starting their own service, tempted by the opportunities for revenues that come with transactions and partnerships. And to make things worse, it looks like we might soon have another competitor entering the fray: Sprint.

The rumor originated at NFC Times, and they’ve highlighted the problems it poses for Google’s own Wallet service. Sprint is currently the only major American telco that supports Wallet, with the rest working on their combined effort Isis. While it’s pretty easy to download and install the Wallet app itself, what this could mean is none of the phones would come with Wallet pre-installed in the US, the only country where the service is currently available.

[NFC Times via Android Central]

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  • Christopher Kozanecki

    Yeah, but knowing how carriers work, it will be free with wallet to use, and it will be an extra $10-$25 per month to use the carrier versions.

  • Fuzzypaw

    No business takes every credit card under the sun, most only take the two largest (Visa and Mastercard) with a smaller portion taking the third or fourth place cards (Amex and Discover). The same is going to happen with NFC systems; most are only going to gravitate to the one or two largest services. That means Isis, and maybe one or two more. Google (and inevitably Apple) can probably force their way in there, but that’s not going to leave any room for Sprint or any other also-ran. Who do they think they’re fooling?

  • Chris Edwards

    Sprint needs to slow down and focus on their current issues. The issue with the speed on their network needs to be addressed first. I am an avid sprint customer and my wife actually works for them at a corporate level. This is the only reason I have stayed with them – discounts help too =). The speed is pathetic. 3g speeds are a crawl making my smartphone useless.

    Before jumping into a new business, maybe it is time to get your current one back up to speed.

    • ReverseRoxas

      Well said man. Network Vision hasn’t been pushed on enough. We also need to get the 4G LTE network launched to give 3G some breathing room. And other thing. Besides Virgin Mobile, Sprint doesn’t need to sign any more contracts with any other pre-payed providers trying to leach off the network. Sprint users get beyond slow data speeds…
      And the revenue from those pre-payed providers isn’t being used to better the network. The end just doesn’t justify the means. Something has got to change.

  • Richard Braley

    Oh man if this happens it means the economy will halt! It’s gonna take 5 minutes to get a AUTH code from sprints servers. Long lines everywhere!! LOL!

  • Frankie Abaddon

    I have free 50 dollars on my Goggle Wallet account and I cant even use it. One I use a non NFC battery on my Nexus and two I don’t even shop at any place that even has this service so for me its pointless and 50 bucks I can’t spend. Talk about being ducked over on this deal period.
    Yes I spelled ducked for a reason trying to keep it PG13

  • Frankie Abaddon

    I have to add I agree with most. Sprint needs to focus on upgrading 3g and get 4G rolling or they will be joining TMobile in the Bankruptcy court line. Sad Sprint doing this BS when they have bigger worries. Awesome unlimited data what’s the sense if the network is equal to VZW 1X speeds