Angry Birds Utopia update brings10-level cornucopia of popcorn, cookies, and candy apples

Angry Birds has gotten a nice new update that’ll added 10 new levels. Named “Utopia,” the upgrade features levels filled with popcorn, cookies, and candy apples. There’s also a nice jelly trampoline that you can use to bounce birds off of. Of course, the upgrade is free for both those who have paid for it and those playing the ad-supported version. Find this 23MB update in the Google Play Store. [via Android Central]

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  • Steve Albright

    23mb?? …that’s a lot of birds!

  • enomele

    Where exactly in this article does it state, this is an Space update? Not a huge deal and I know there’s a picture, but that seems like key information. There are 4 versions of the game after all haha.

  • Claire Phee

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