Amazon Wireless offering Verizon Galaxy Nexus for just a penny

Amazon Wireless have announced a new deal for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus. They’re set to offer the device for just a penny, one of the better deals for the device on-contract here in America. This deal will only be for new customers, but those who are upgrading or adding a line will still get a pretty fine break for $50. The discount doesn’t appear to be live yet, but we’re assured that it’ll only be a penny so keep checking. This deal will last for a limited time so now is your best bet to get on the Galaxy Nexus train if you’re down with big red. Check it out at the source link. [Amazon Wireless]

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    original statement retracted! due to insane responses pointing out every detail between the two phones. sigh, calling me out on every detail when it was a simple argument of price versus features is ridic. Internet arguing is insane

    • s1mpd1ddy

      I think it’s pretty safe to say that app would be available on the S3 as well. I don’t know what specific widget/app youre talking about though, but most android apps, especially new ones, will work on most devices you get now. My friend has the GNEX and he really hates the battery life, I’m not sure if the S3 will have better battery life until its out in peoples hands, but it seems like its going too.

      • Keith

        As in most all cases, battery life comes down to individual usage. I have a GN and the battery life is fine. It makes it through a long day of typical usage no sweat.


        Well my concerns were that the app was possible because of on-screen buttons and the S3 does not have any…

      • Frankenbike

        GNex battery life isn’t bad when you get an app like Juice Defender that turns off data and wifi when the phone is in standby. And I use 3G most of the time, which is better on the battery and is fine for sites that don’t have video or high res pictures scaled to smaller sizes.

        The GNex sucks batteries down because it’s the Google flagship phone, and Google wants your data on full time so it can push arbitrarily. A smarter OS that recognizes battery life is not unlimited, would have allowed you to set sync for intervals like 5, 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes. But it is something that can be fixed with apps.

    • Aleks V

      The Galaxy Nexus and the S3 are worlds apart. Do the research!


        • Keith

          Screen size and RAM aren’t all there is to a phone these days… on-screen vs physical buttons, stock Android vs Touchwiz, 1.2 dual vs 1.4 quad processor, 5MP vs 8MP cam, 1.3MP vs 1.9MP front cam, 1750mAh vs 2100mAh battery. People who want a stock experience, longer updates lifespan, more customizable phone, etc, will most likely go GN. Those who don’t really care about those points and want a bleeding edge device will go S3.

          • MikeCiggy

            FYI the US version that has 2gb of ram is dual core not quad.

            The phones are very different but for someone who wants to root the GN is the better choice. On screen soft keys allow so much customizing. Also the extended battery for the GN is cheap online now and is almost the same size as the GSIII battery, although the GSIII will probably still get better battery life.

        • Casey Workman

          Other than the different batteries, radios, audio processors, main processors, Gorilla Glass vs Gorilla Glass 2, cameras….the bigger screen and the double ram that you mentioned. Yes the are basically the same phone. Also, please disregard the software, it has absolutely nothing to do with the phone.

          • eclipsenyou

            LOL @ Casey! Great reply!
            Yes, these phones are worlds apart. And with the fact that the Nexus can’t make “phone calls” due to it’s crappy radio, makes the GS3 even more appealing. I didn’t want to jump on the Nexus bandwagon, and I’m so glad I didn’t…I’ll be preordering my GS3 tomorrow.

  • zac

    Good thing I paid $300 for it 3 months ago…

    • Edgar Cervantes

      RIGHT??? UGH, lol

  • Anthony Evans

    stil showing 49.99….

    • Anthony Evans

      and this is when I did a as a new customer

  • mikeclee

    This is to purge remaining inventory for the Galaxy S3! I would hold out for a penny sale on that phone. I’d imagine that they would sell the GS3 for Father’s Day.

  • $3663674

    If I buy this from Amazon, can I still keep my grandfathered unlimited data? I have a 3G HTC Incredible now. Want to trade up but really hate paying $199 for a phone.

    • Shin77

      Yes, just add it to the cart and you will see an option to keep your existing data plan. Just did it myself last week.

    • eclipsenyou

      you hate paying $199 for a phone? WHAT?? The latest and greatest (AKA Samsung Galaxy S3) is going for 199 and that’s an incredible price! Of course if you want to wait 6 months, you’ll get the GS3 for a penny as well. It’s all a matter of how well your current phone is working for you and if you’re willing to put out the money for a new device. But imho, $199 is an amazing price!

      • $3663674

        My HTC Incredible is still working great but Verizon has put my grandfathered data at risk. Thus, I’m in no rush to lay out another $199 but I’ll have to upgrade to something fairly soon to keep it.

        The Incredible was a great deal for $199 back in the day. But I know how quickly Android prices drop. If Amazon shows $149 for the III it may be a tougher decsion.

        All of this begs the question: What ever happened to the HTC Incredible 4G LTE? VZW announced it with a flourish a few weeks ago and it hasn’t been heard from since. I’m thinking it should show up for about the same price as the Nexus. That sounds like a pretty good deal if you prefer HTC over Sammy and want to stick with VZW.

        • Michael Williams

          dude im in the exact same situation. I have a droid x and my contract was done in may. Im waiting to see when Verizon says they will kill their unlim plan. If its before the GSIII comes out. I’ll likely get a G Nexus before then so I keep my plan. I may be able to do like an exchange for a GSIII if im still in the grace period. Im afraid to preorder because what if they kill the unlim plan before the GSIII ships? When i get it in the mail and activate wont they just force me onto the 2 gig plan?

          • $3663674

            Word is that if you get your preorder in for GSIII, you’ll get to keep your unlimited.

            Oh, btw. I’m not a “dude”. I’m a 50+ year old mom of 2. I’m just a typical Android CyanogenMod user. But that’s okay. No offense intended. None taken.

          • Michael Williams

            hahaha sorry when talking in text form ill even say dude to girls. Well thats good news. I have to wake up super early tomorrow then.

    • J Dub

      Yes. Don’t check out till you have done so. Some places you have to basically get to checkout and then edit your order. One site (Wirefly maybe) was like this. There was an option hidden deep to “Make no changes to my current plan”

  • Jacob Lewis

    Penny deal is up for new contracts, but upgrades are still $149.99. Anyone think that will change?

    • Jacob Lewis

      Just to clarify the story, it seems the deal is US$0.01 for a new contract (adding a line to a family plan or any new plan), but still $149.99 for any upgrades (whether on a family plan or not). Seems a shame, I would’ve bought it for a $50 upgrade.

      • ntegrit

        Since it took a while for ‘$0.01 to show up, you may want to try again later. After all, Quentyn presumably got that info from the same source.

        • Jacob Lewis

          Thanks, I’m clinging to that hope. I guess time will tell.

  • Dagmar Schneitz

    I knew there was a catch! But watch a bunch of people go to their phone store, pull out a penny and say, “Where’s my phone?”

  • phinn

    This has gotta be the best deal for a cellphone. Especially now that the phone fixed most of its issues with Android 4.0.4 update. (For those not running CM9). Too bad the upgrade cost is still $150.

  • Michael Williams

    I have a droid x and my contract was done in may. Im waiting to see when Verizon says they will kill their unlim plan. If its before the GSIII comes out which is very possible, I’ll likely get a G Nexus before then so I keep my plan. I may be able to do like an exchange for a GSIII if im still in the grace period. Im afraid to preorder because what if they kill the unlim plan before the GSIII ships? When i get it in the mail and activate wont they just force me onto the 2 gig plan?

    • Jacob Lewis

      The Verizon customer support person I talked to seemed to think that the forcing of customers off of unlimited plans will happen around August. Nothing official of course, but that was her impression.

      • Michael Williams

        I know theres an official statement from Verizon that said the change would happen during the “summer” and that they would give ample notice to customers coming up on ending their contracts. Isnt June the beginning of Summer?

        • Shea

          They said that it would happen during the summer, but they also said “we will share specific details of the plans and any related policy changes in advance of their introduction, so customers will have time to evaluate their choices and make the best decisions for their wireless service.” As long as the statement is indeed true, then there is still time for us to grab the latest phones and hold onto our unlimited data for dear life for at least a couple more years.

  • feztheforeigner

    I hate how I’m punished for being a loyal customer while those that stray are rewarded…