ICS rollout starts June 4 for Verizon Motorola XOOM

A quick update on the Motorola XOOM Ice Cream Sandwich update on Verizon. A blog post on Big Red’s site highlights the changes coming in the update and reveals that Android 4.0.4 will begin pushing to the XOOM on June 4th. As with most OTA rollouts, not everyone will receive the new software on the first day and it could take a number of weeks before all users see it.

[Verizon via Engadget]

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  • SiloNova

    Anybody know when its out for Droid Razr? Thanks.

    • Matthew Dufrene

      Should have bought a nexus

      • phonejunkie

        He wanted a good phone. jk

      • SiloNova

        I don’t want any fanboyism. I asked a simple question. I don’t care for Nexus. I actually bought the faster phone instead. I don’t care much for ICS. I was merely wondering when it was releasing.

    • James Lorimor

      I’m just really glad I bought a Razr and an XYBoard so that I can see this older shit get upgraded quicker!

  • Magus2300

    Might as well start mashing “Check Now.” =)

  • Destiny989

    Is it just the Verizon Xoom or all Xoom’s. Mine is not connected to a service, just wifi.

    • Magus2300

      If you have the wifi-only version it should already be running ICS unless A) you’ve modified it in some way (i.e. root and/or install custom ROM/recovery/etc) or B) you’re not in the US. The US version of the wifi Xoom has had ICS for many months now.

      Unless you mean that you got the 3G/4G version of the Xoom without any data plan from a carrier in which case… why would you do that?

      • Adam Hoke

        I have 3g Xoom…never upgraded to 4g. I have no 3g service and only use wifi.

        I was anxious to get my hands on an android tablet when it first came out….I thought it would be smart if I later would want Verizon service but never pulled the trigger.

        That being said…I AM ROOTED WITH A CUSTOM ROM. Will I receive this update and if I do can I apply it worry free???

        • Magus2300

          Clearly not. Custom ROMs by their nature preclude manufacturer updates. You’d need to unroot and go back to stock to get the update.

  • http://twitter.com/BroncoP3t3_ Chris Peterson

    What about for the photon… I don’t want to wait forever!

    • phonejunkie

      Can you even download an update on the Sprint network? I couldn’t, thank goodness for WiFi.

  • Covert_Death

    what about the tab 10.1 wifi???? wtf is taking so damn long


    wow, i just bought one on ebay 2 weeks ago and love it more day by day.

    as a footnote.

    why do people buy devices and expect upgrades?

    i buy stuff for how it works now.

    honeycomb is good enough for me, i’m scared the excellent battery life i’m getting will drop with ICS.

    i got 15 megs down and 8 megs up in baton rouge, louisiana last week and i’m happy as a clam.

    • Jwhap

      Easy. Most of us purchased this device, with all sorts of promises tied to it. a year and a half later and this tablet often feels like it is still a beta test. It was rushed and us early adopters have been put on the back burner. it took Months to get a 4g upgrade and then we had to mail our tablet in for more than a week…..at times wondering if you would get it back. Months of no functioning SD card slot. trust me there has been much anticipation for an update that will finally make this the tablet that should have been released a year ago!

      • MIKEEEEE

        as a day 1 ANDROID owner, that’s right i’m one of the original G-1 guys, i know full well about updates.

        did they give you something in writing when you bought your XOOM?


        nothing verizon has ICS yet.

        • Jwhap

          not with ics obviously….. but in some ways the could and should make up for so many trips out of the gate. I will most likely never buy another moto device, unless it is the only nexus offering on vz and the boot loader is unlocked.

    • SiloNova

      Exactly. ICS shouldn’t be made into such a big deal. I have a Razr, and if they scrapped ICS for it, I wouldn’t complain. It already works, it has great battery life for my needs, it makes successful phone calls and texts (people seem to forget these features) and I can use apps.

      In fact, the later ICS comes, the better. A lot of apps out there are still buggy for ICS users, and are currently being fixed. So I’m in no rush for the update, personally.

  • Robert Manser

    when is 4.0 for GTab coming out.

  • Robert Manser

    You ever respond to one of my comments with spam I’ll come through this F’N phone and ring your neck, ya feel me? good.

  • welby

    And now the waiting to wait continues. Please post up if anyone with the moto xoom 4g. Received ice yet.

  • Jason Howell

    Anyone seen any updates yet? I’ve got two Xoom 4Gs and neither say an update is available.