Ice Cream Sandwich ready for Verizon’s Motorola XOOM 4G LTE, support docs posted

Following an invitation for members of the Motorola Feedback Network to take part in a new software soak test, Verizon has posted the changelog for the Motorola XOOM’s Android 4.0 update. The update will soon be available for users with 4G LTE-upgraded XOOM models and will bring the tablet’s software version to IMM76kK. Verizon has taken the opportunity to highlight some of the numerous changes XOOM owners can expect thanks to Ice Cream Sandwich, including homescreen folders, data usage monitoring, and a customizable launch bar.

The update will also address bugs and enhance performance, which should be music to the ears of those with the XOOM. The lengthy changelog is continued below.

[via DroidLife]

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  • Magus2300

    And now the waiting for the 3G version (MZ600) begins…

    • Ashley K.

      I wish they’d get on it. There’s no reason to have to wait this long for ICS.

      • Magus2300

        True… true.

  • ntegrit

    I’m one of those waiting since day one for 4.0.4 on the Gnex (but I’m only commenting because it’s the first time in two years that I’ve been successfully able to!)

    • Magus2300

      In the last Galaxy Nexus update article, I posted a guide on how to sideload the update manually. Did you see it? I did it and the new update is awesome.

      • ntegrit

        No, I didn’t, but I’m kinda square and wait for the otas (which, at this point, is at least impending!) Thanks for the offer, though.

        • Magus2300

          It’s not that complicated and it’s totally legit. But if you’re not up to it, that’s ok. You’ll be pleased when you do get it. IMM76K is awesome.

          • jwthrush

            Don’t you have to at least be unlocked to side load that?

  • Rick Jungerberg

    Nothing here yet ;-(>

  • phonejunkie

    How about some ICS love on the Rezound Verizon.

  • W. Anthony Tanas

    What if I didn’t do the 4G LTE upgrade?? :-(

  • itsgonnalast

    It always makes me laugh to see GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR DEVICE at the top of every Verizon announcement lol