CONTEST: I’m Giving Away My Google IO Gifts

Every year, Google IO keeps getting bigger and better. And every year, Google keeps giving bigger and better gifts to Google IO attendees. Last year, I gave away all my Google IO gifts to one lucky winner, and this year is no different.

Well… maybe a LITTLE different…

That’s right folks: this year we’re giving away 3 Google IO Prize Packs!

How can you win?

The first thing you should do (if you’re a developer) is sign up for our Developer Month Newsletter. All contests will require winners to be on the Dev Month mailing list and it’s the best way to keep in touch with the most important contests and content for our big month. We’re not announcing specific details of our Google IO Prize Pack Contests just yet, and we’ll likely give them away in a few different ways, but consider this your heads up. Earlier today we gave you a chance at scoring an IO ticket and soon we’ll be giving you the chance to walk away with the goods.

What if you’re not a developer? We’re reserving one of the prize packs for our general readership so that everyone has a chance to win. And don’t be sneaky and pretend to be a developer if you’re not… developer focused contests will require winners to verify they’re a developer by proving they have an application or game on the Google Play Store (via matching E-Mail addresses).

We hope you’re enjoying the first day of Developer Month announcements. Stay tuned… there is plenty more to come!

June is Developer Appreciation Month at Phandroid. If you have something interesting to share and would like to get involved, please contact us.


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  • Chris Chavez


    • Steve Albright

      Why did you laugh so much when Rob mentioned my shiznit was going to be given away?? haha.

      Did you stop crying yet? I did this morning.

      • Chris Chavez

        Came around and bit me in the @ss.. Lol

        • bmg314

          Ill cry for both of you…tears of happiness if I win :p

      • Dima Aryeh

        I’m crying for both of you.

        • Mitch Samuels

          They will really be crying when they walk through the door and get the Google Glasses or whatever they’re called… haha. Never going to happen, though.

  • Greek_Ice

    Asus gets me loose.

  • vioalas

    How does the general readership sign up?

  • Mitch Samuels

    Oh god.

  • ToVachea Nealy

    give them to meh!!!!! I want ALL the IO STUFFS!!!

  • Nick

    So how does a non developer win?

  • Craig Becker

    Cut your hair hipster

    • Chris Chavez

      No — cut YOUR hair, Craig!

      • Covert_Death

        win — there is no more arguing this

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant


  • Steven Skwarkowski

    I didnt read it…but I cant wait to see what El Goog pulls this year. Im Jelly(bean)

  • B2L

    If only my app was ready to be published on the Play Store. (I’m only a few months away from being completely finished.)

    • Mitch Samuels

      QUICK. Publish a beta version. It’s worth it! ;)

    • Pkmmte

      I know how you feel, mine is at least 3 weeks from being published.

  • Ryan Phelps


  • Dustin K

    gOOgle Prize pack… oh GOODIE!

  • Mark Torskyj

    Will this giveaway be open to us folk in the UK? *crosses fingers and hopes*

  • LEGEND94


  • dee32soon33

    I would love to win win win!!! =)

  • dmack410

    What do I need to do then? It sounds like details are coming? Is that true?

    • Chris Chavez

      Yes, all will be revealed during Google IO :)

  • prakash patel


  • Jeff Canafax

    so do we enter here or will the be a separate means of entry?

  • Chris Taylor

    Nice for us bad for you to give away your toys. But thanks for doing it.

  • kinder771

    Woooow THXX for this contest ! I dream about having a tablet one day ! Good luck to everyone !

  • gopadge

    You enter by commenting?

  • corandog

    So I hope I am not too late to get signed up.

  • Palo Reyes

    Love google I know y’all got the asus google nexus 7inch tab coming out got to get it &I believe y’all got some new or a new mobile galaxy nexus device in the fall I think?!!?!?

  • Hamil Shah

    Wait so commenting is entering for general readership?

  • Ernest Grzybowski

    I/O was great this year. Was not disappointed.

  • Lorenzo Jiménez

    You are giving away all the old stuff to be exactly. Give away the 2012 gifts!

  • Jeff Canafax

    when is last day?