Samsung Galaxy S3 I-9300 source code released

Developers who own the Samsung Galaxy S3 (and maybe some who don’t) will want to listen up. The full source code for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is now available online. This’ll aid developers in creating ROMs, something I’m sure will be blow up as more and more people get the device worldwide. Until more regions get the device the development community will likely be slow, but we’re glad the tools that’ll allow people to get work are already out there. Grab the download here if you know what to do with it. [via AndroidPolice]

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  • MarcusDW

    Now tear it down and put some of its parts into my GS2.

    • jstew182

      more like put mirrorlink in a SGN rom!

  • Andrew torres

    I finally got to see this device in person here where i work (VZW)…Its beyond beautiful, at first the devices looks when announced wasnt the greatest, but samsung did a great job now that i saw it person. Samsung reps let me hold the phone (white version) and it felt so solidly built. Fairly light phone compared to my evo 4g. and the screen was drop dead gorgeous and clear. The response was instantaneous as you swiped screens. This phone is such a fairly new piece of hardware that the rep even told me he was still learning the gestures tied to this phone. he showed me a neat screen shot gesture, that instantly took a screen shot with swipe of your hand. supposedly an announcement is due next week for who the US carriers would be…straight from a rep.

    • Tico4674

      Great news, can you confirm that Verizon’s version has an s4 with 2gb of ram?

      • Andrew torres

        I Was daring myself to ask the rep for internal specs but couldn’t. After his aprehensiveness to show me the phone in the first place I thought it was best not to even ask. After all the secrecy is important for these companies. Sorry man

  • Hpydgr

    What is a Verizon employee doing with an EVO 4G?

    • Andrew torres

      Doing what any1 does….. Working.. Lol.. Not a Verizon suscriber. N never want to be.

  • Aaron Soles

    When I called Verizon customer service yesterday about my bill he gave me a upgrade that’s available now on 2 of my lines that weren’t eligible til November, kept trying to get me to buy a phone. Told me I should definitely upgrade soon because once the new family share comes out most likely you can upgrade your phone and keep unlimited data unless you buy outright or get it on your own like Craigslist or eBay. Also he said its not all set in stone yet .