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Taking a break from issuing a new release of the company’s constantly improving namesake application, Evernote is launching Hello for Android today. Evernote Hello, which was previously exclusive to iPhone users, is an app designed to help make remembering those you meet easier than ever. We have all had one of those moments. A stranger approaches you at a party or business event talking as if they have been an acquaintance for years. The problem is, you don’t immediately recognize them despite realizing you have previously met them. Hello seeks to make this a thing of the past.

The app not only allows you to enter a person into your phone and put a face to the name, but it also builds up the context of where and when you met, what you may have had in common, or even what they were wearing. New features include LinkedIn integration for building business relationships; the ability to comb call history, texts, and calendar events to predict who you are about to meet; and an email function that will send your contact info and a photo to new connections to better establish relationships.

Hello seeks to make connecting with new people easier than ever by emulating the way the brain works to create a web of connections. The app should be hitting the Google Play Store today.

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  1. It’s like:
    … Hello my name is Jim and I never saw you in my life… may I take a picture of your face so I can store in on my phone just in case we’ll meet again.

    1. Don’t people already do this anyway.
      … His my name is Jim and I never saw you in my life…may I add you on Facebook so I can increase my friend count even though we’ll never meet again.

  2. Hmm, very skeptical of this. Seems like one of those ‘out the box’ ideas that is more quirky than actually useful.

    Say this system was used to replace your phonebook? When you wanted to find the number of the person your trying to call, you would need to remember where you met them or who you were with! You could be scrolling around your ‘address book’ for ages before you come across their picture.

    The reason we use A-Z lists in our technological life is because we need to seperate reality from tech. Yes, that guy may be correct about the ‘ways we recognize people on a day to day basis yada yada…but when it comes to pulling up peoples details, we need efficiently organised lists: Evernote Hello will create disorganized bloat of information.

    Infact, the way in which we use lists reflects how humans have actually used technology to streamline our activities in reality. Evernote seems to be taking a step backwards?

    1. pulling at straws here. I suppose that at some point in the future you wouldn’t be scrolling through an address phone book the way you do now. You may be using voice controls that would accept “look for the phone # of that dude I tried to hook up with at the bar last memorial day only he turned out to be a manly chick”

      1. “Look up: dude looks like a lady”

  3. if i had alzheimer it would be great

  4. I am a theatre director. This app would work great for auditions. The people auditioning could enter their information and I would have accurate info without retyping. I could cross reference by audition location and date. It would then be easier to move the actors I cast into my formal contacts list for production communication.

    1. Good idea. Students could do something similar in a class. i have multiple classes, and I’ve taken to using photos to remember who is who at which job site. Evernote Hello might make this MUCH easier, especially if it can go into some kind of batch mode where I enter a few keywords that get applied to all subsequent profile entries AND it sounds a siren if someone tries to exit the app to do other things.

  5. lol. If I don’t remember the person, chances are I didn’t want to.
    But it does make sense for people who has to do a lot of networking like real estate agents, hiring managers etc. But in a socializing setting I would think its kind of creepy for me to talk to someone I just met 10 minutes ago and then all of a sudden they want to take my picture and store it for future reference.

  6. Androidify integration would be interesting. Like some sort of auto android creation script that bases the creation off a picture…kinda like Nintendo 3DS’s Mii creator (only where the auto creator actually works).

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