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Bug fixing update headed to T-Mobile’s HTC One S tomorrow

A minor update is on the docket for the T-Mobile HTC One S starting tomorrow, May 31st. Th 24MB patch will bring bug fixes and improvements including WiFi calling enhancements, better camera stability, and resolved signal fluctuation. The update leaves the One S at software version 1.84.531.2. More info and the particulars on the update process can be found at the TMo source link below.

[T-Mobile via AndroidPolice]

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  • cowgar

    I left a comment already on competitors site, but hopefully it does fix the signal reception problem – which is very weak with this phone (up to the point of having it in the pocket – phone looses the signal).

    I’m not on T-Mobile, unbranded phone and 1.78 (not 1.53) HTC version but I guess OTA will follow soon for me as well…

    • yankeesrule587

      Ever thought the signal problem is the fact youre not on T-Mobile’s version of the phone, DUH !!! There is NO signal problem, no bugs, nothing. Its an awesome phone.