OTA update prepped for T-Mobile’s Samsung Exhibit II 4G, rebrands phone to Galaxy Exhibit 4G


T-Mobile has an update ready for the Samsung Exhibit II 4G that brings the phone’s software build to T679UVLE1. The major element of the update that leaves the phone’s software at Android 2.3.6 isn’t what it enhances or fixes with the software but rather a rebranding effort that now has the handset going by the name of Galaxy Exhibit 4G.

Other than the new name, users can expect a security patch, general stability improvements, and improvements to WiFi calling and the phone’s camera app. The rollout will commence May 30th and continue through June 15th.

[T-Mobile via AndroidPolice]

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  • SocalTeknique

    Wrong Exhibit picture up there

  • saynotopunx

    So, that’s a picture of the Exhibit 4G, not the Exhibit II 4G.

    • http://siblingcinema.com/ Phil Hull

      That is most certainly the Exhibit II 4G. I would know since I have one sitting on the desk about 6 inches from my keyboard.

  • charles

    OK, still what about the SGS2???? When will the actual update occur?.?.

  • Aaron Peromsik

    Stability improvements are badly needed… let’s hope they do the job.

    • Ari

      Ill believe it when I see it. This phone has been the biggest nightmare. Im close to leaving android for the new iPhone just because of how bad this android experience has been — and how incompetent the people at Samsung and Tmobile that Ive had to deal with have been

  • http://twitter.com/DamonPowers Joseph Damon Powers

    I wish it would be an ICS update : But one big thing I have concern about is, how do you do the update if rooted? Will it mess anything up?

    • Capn Crusty

      The update completed normally on my rooted Exhibit II 4G. Everything seems to be working afterwards.

      Mine has been pretty trouble free so far. Bought it in December and I’ve only seen 1 mysterious shutdown and a couple of freezes.

  • Ari

    Hopefully thats to fix the freezing and random turning off that so many of us have been complaining about for months. Does the update happen automatically or do we have to something to get it

  • Matt S

    Matteo, I’m sorry, but you’re an idiot. You’re using a lower end phone and comparing it to a higher end phone. Of course the iphone is going to run better, get a higher end android before you talk about the phone being crap and that’s why you’re thinking about getting an iphone.

  • http://twitter.com/natemit Nathan Mitchell

    I hope it fixes that youtube problem