Ice Cream Sandwich RUU file for the EVO 3D leaks

It seems there’s another path for those who are looking to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC EVO 3D early. BriefMobile have leaked a new RUU file for the device. These tend to be a lot safer than IMG files, but keep in mind that this update is still possibly unfinished. Early word is that this could eventually be a final update. We won’t know until we know, so if you’re aware of the risks associated with using this file be sure to find the download link here. It’s a .exe file and it will take you through everything you need to do, step-by-step.

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  • 84guy

    blah i was excited. thats virgin mobiles ruu :(

    • LawrenceMcatee

      wait… wut… why would they even post this….
      has anyone else confirmed?

      • 84guy

        If you click the download link it has vm in the file name. Also in the xda evo 3d forum

        • LawrenceMcatee


  • LawrenceMcatee

    Okay so I try to download and my wonderful work wifi is so slow it keeps failing…
    also… I am a mac user…
    this just has fail written all over it.

  • Fauxfire27

    I am downloading right now. I’ll update as soon as I have a chance. Although I don’t see phandroid posting a dl link that they said is for the evo 3d on sprint. And have it be for another carrier. ( I love you phandroid )

    • 84guy

      Too bad thats what they did. Our 3d update will be 3.xx etc

  • Ryan Kirby

    The file name now says SPRINT!!!

    • 84guy

      Has always said sprint. Sprint owns virgin mobile. The vm in the file name means virgin mobile. Read the BriefMobile link, They even say its for virgin mobile

  • atg284

    Yaaay! We are getting closer to an official!

  • gmplr831

    Its for Virgin Mobile again….