Intel releases Android 4.0 image for x86 platform

Intel has released the Android 4.0 system image for their x86 series of processors. The latest edition to the Android SDK and emulator can now be pulled using the SDK Manager. For those running a system based on Intel’s processor architecture, a boost in performance is welcome after past iterations of the emulator faltered and compiled slowly. A quick refresh of SDK Manager should see the new version appear under the Android 4.0.3 code branch.

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  • Tomáš Petrík

    Will it be possible to port this Android version to regular PCs?

    • mattj78

      Have a look at – they have a version that runs on regular PCs.

      • Tomáš Petrík

        I know about that of course, but I was hoping for something more native, for Intel-powered PCs.

        • servo36

          this release of the code might be it, the only x86 compatible code was 3.0 which was not released to the public, with this branch someone would be able to make an installer process for using this code!

  • Christian Brüggemann

    “past iterations of the emulator faltered and compiled slowly.”

    The emulator didn’t compile the apps, it just runs them ;)

  • Jay

    In reply to the dude asking about using this on desktops (I can’t figure out how to reply from the app), unlike arm that has multiple instruction sets and chips like v6, v11+neon, and non neon tegra 2, my understanding is x86 is universal for all our current processors. I’m probably wrong though because Intel’s new atom is an soc and that probably screws things up somehow. Wouldn’t most people need an x64 based android for desktops and laptops though? 4gb of ram is kind of a standard now for preconfigured machines and I don’t know if android is patched to address more than 3.5gb of ram on the 32bit build. I’m sure after I’ve had my coffee I’m going to realize how stupid my answer was. :P

    • servo36

      All 64bit processors will run x86 code.