Bug-fixing OTA update heading to the LG Revolution

Verizon’s posted a changelog for a new update that appears to be coming to the LG Revolution. Little more than bug fixes will be found this time, but you’ll still want to know what’s new. Android security patches have been applied, picture messages will be sent properly if you’re connected to WiFi, an issue with duplicate text messages has been fixed, and more. Check out the full changelog int his handy .PDF file sitting on Verizon’s servers. The update isn’t rolling out yet, but past happenings indicate we should be seeing it sometime very soon. [via Android Police]

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  • TheCaprican

    Wow LG update? Is that a unicorn?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Mcelhinney/1590732585 Keith Mcelhinney

    LG you officially suck! Either make ice cream or get off the pot! Broken out rom is the only thing that makes your phone even matter!

    • Haxcid

      The revolution does not matter to them. Lesson learned… Don’t buy LG.

    • amorpheous

      Keeping root is more important than any of these “fixes”. No ZV9 for me.

  • ChrisGroff

    How about an update where you allow the phone to switch the phone between 4g and 3g without restarting? How about an update where you add back in the “Feature” of being able to add whatever app you want by long-pressing the homescreen, not just LG apps? Better yet, take away that awful UI completely so we can GAIN features and functionality you STRIPPED from the device? This phone is garbage. Why my mom didn’t listen to me and got the phone the *salesman* wanted her to buy is beyond me.