Report: Project Glass won’t be as robust as promo video shows

All of the cool things Google showed in its initial Project Glass promo video may not be what we get in final product form. The “terminator style overlay,” as CNet puts it, won’t be present in the first batches of the product. They report that bits of information will only be displayed just above your level field of view on the right side. That would solve the “walking into a deathtrap” scenario that people initially feared, but it makes it sound as if Google Goggles will be a lot less cool than initially imagined.

Of course, the project is still in prototype stages so we can’t be for sure that this will end up being the case once it hits store shelves. We saw that gestures worked at a basic level, however, as engineer Sebastion Thrun demonstrated an ability to take a picture and upload it to Google+ with nothing but head movement.

It’s not appropriate to pass anything off with 100% certainty at this point, but CNet indicated that whatever they saw would appear to be whatever we’ll get once it’s all said and done. We won’t know until it’s out, though, so don’t fret too much if you grew attached to that initial vision. Watch that initial vision in the YouTube embed above.

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  • Chris Noland

    as cool as this looks… wait until it is full of ads, coupons and other stuff.

  • craig poland

    I think that this is neat but what I care about is getting my new Evo that was placed on back-order today :/

  • Adam Truelove

    This should be of no surprise to anyone. This is the first of its kind and could revolutionize everything. There is no way it could live up to the hype, especially when these types of devices have been “used” in sci-fi for a long time.


    eventually it WILL be as beautiful as the initial ad.

  • zoozie

    It would be nice to link to the source.. (cnet)…

    • zoozie

      nevermind.. its there..

  • lolzerzzz

    Of course it won’t. it’s the Google way. Slap a BETA tag on it, and let the fanboys EAT IT UP

    • storm14k

      Makes sense. Why develop a full blown product without any user input feedback loop? You end up with something like iOS.

      • lolzerzzz

        haha you’re probably one of those clueless idiots who think Google made Android “open” because they feel consumers should have “choice.”

        • storm14k

          Its “open” because it makes for quick adoption and nets you outside contributions….same reason most other open source projects are “open”.
          You’re most likely one of those idiots that runs around talking about whats “open” and whats not but has never read a single OSI approved license in their life….hence the quotation marks around the word.

          • lolzerzzz

            No its not truly open you idiot. That’s why I put it in quotation marks. They didn’t even release Honeycomb source.

            The only reason Android is “open” is so Google can get the OS in as many devices as possible so users continue to use google search on mobile devices. Not because they think it is morally superior to what Apple does. Get that through you thick skull.

          • storm14k

            LMAO…that’s what I just said fool. You know….”quick adoption”…. Did you even read? I swear Siri probably sucks because Apple spent time teaching it to troll blog comments instead of doing anything useful. I didn’t even bring up “open” you/it did. It then tries to turn the argument into some sort of morality issue? What does any of this have to do with open source? This is hilarious.

            By the way do you even know what license the non GPL parts of Android are under? Do you know its terms? Wait I’m talking to Siri not Watson. I guess the next canned phrase will include fragmentation or profit margin.

          • EarlyMon


    • IronHorse01

      Yeap that’s googles way alright! Ship as many as they can, quality? What quality?? Lol


    wander if it will use android…

    • phoenix_fire

      ok. packing for my journey now.

  • DavidVarghese
  • Defenestratus

    Dont give fodder to the iSheep who will pronounce it DOA if it doesn’t do everything including iron your sheets.

    • IronHorse01

      Nah you don’t have to worry about that, the crapdroid sheep will do it anyways isheep don’t lose sleep over small stuff like that ;)

    • storm14k

      Why bother. Its an endless cycle. Apple tries to throw everything into some full featured idea and its crap. Google releases early and often and runs them over like road kill in a few releases and the iFools spend the rest of their lives trolling about something 5 releases back.

  • Muhammad Ali


  • rustygh

    Not surprised its so new. Still curious to see exactly how many times he had to bob his head to get that photo
    Regardless this will always be a high price item it will never be main stream affordable

    • Alek Tritt

      Yes, always. Just like the personal computer or the smartphone.

      • rustygh

        Trying to be funny but you prove the point whereas computers and smartphone have become integral to our lives. This technology although will be fun will never be therefore higher cost as it will only sell to the elite and tech few.

        • Alek Tritt

          This technology may not be integral to our lives right now, and it may take several generations before it’s even useful to the average consumer, but by saying “never” you sound like one of those guys in the sixties who said guitar music was on its way out.

          • rustygh

            Not near the same. Lets agree to disagree
            you claim this technology will become mainstream
            I claim it will never take hold and my reason is too many people won’t be able to even keep their balence trying this
            Either way for us its going to be really cool!

          • Alek Tritt

            Haha, sounds good. Maybe when they can be built into contacts. Moore’s law.

  • cknight91

    Really?! You mean you won’t be able to virtually play battlefield 3 in an abandoned building complex?! Google, you led me on…

  • krisyadao

    Concept video, not promo.