New Magenta Deal Days coming next weekend

If you’re looking to pick up a phone on T-Mobile, you might want to wait till next weekend. TMoNews got their hands on this little flyer, and looks like customers would have an attractive buy-one-get-one-free offer on T-Mobile’s various 4G handsets.

The devices mentioned are the myTouch, myTouch Q, HTC Amaze 4G, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S Blaze 4G and the Samsung Exhibit 4G. By the sound of it, that leaves out the HTC One S, which would have made this a very, very attractive offer. As expected, new two-year agreements are required.

[via TMoNews]

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  • idongacha

    T mobile is dead. And as I type this on my galaxy 2, I realize their faux G is 4 shit. I will forever forget their lack of updates and customer service. My next phone will be pure google. Im thinking of getting the padfone and going with att. I got a $1000 on it. 850 for everything would be better.

    • Butters619

      I have AT&T. If you are upset with T-Mobile’s HSPA+, you are going to go hulk and kill somebody when you hop on AT&T’s HSPA+.

  • Aeires

    Buy one get same model free or is it a lesser model free? I’d buy the HTC One S and take a Galaxy S2 free any day. Then again, two S2’s isn’t bad either.

  • curtst

    Guess it is for new customers only and not for existing customers who are eligible for an upgrade? So tired of existing customers getting shit on.

    • BM1

      Yup, this is exactly why I’m leaving once my contract is up in June, as currently the new upgrade pricing is ridiculous as many of their “newer” handsets are older models which are over-priced!

  • idongacha

    At&t will get lte first and they already have 4.0 on most of their upgradable phones.

    • Hiro

      The HTC Vivid is “most” of their upgradable phones? Last I heard, the list of phones planned for upgrade on AT&T is around 10-12, and the Vivid is the only one that’s actually seen an update.

  • amaroth amaroth

    Personally I think AT&T and Tmobile are only worth having if you can afford to buy international only phones. Ones that you can’t get in the US. Otherwise go with verizon. However, t-mobile is cheaper than both.
    I wish i could buy international gsm phones and use them on verizon but NOOOO. impossible.