New Photo Taken Using Google’s Project Glass Looks Really Impressive

An image taken yesterday using Google’s prototype “Project Glass” augmented reality style glasses is turning a few heads. We got our first taste of PG’s camera capabilities back when one of the project’s leaders, Sebastian Thrun, snapped a pic during an interview, only that shot was less than impressive to say the least.

Now, Thrun’s back again, this time showing off the camera once again, this time in a real world situation that would be otherwise impossible to capture — well, without a camera strapped to your head.

The thought of a world where anything, anyone can be photographed or recorded at a blink of an eye is almost… scary. If these AR glasses really take off, the world could get a whole lot more interesting. Thoughts?


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  • Scott Tompkins

    Nothing like a bright sunny day to bring the best out of even a crappy camera sensor ;)

    • Travillion

      As I recall, the Google-produced pictures from the Galaxy Nexus debut were also amazing. Remember the time-lapse videos and the sunset beach photos? My personal pictures with the G-Nex have never compared.

      • Chris Chavez

        Hmmm.. the ones I remember (taken outside of the Googleplex) were all pretty lackluster =/

    • Chris Chavez

      Yeah, I always say that any camera looks great in the sun. Lol

      Was still impressed by this little pinhole camera.

    • warcaster

      Camera quality will be pretty irrelevant for 1st gen, although I agree they should work on improve it in the future, because it could be a really good way to take pictures with the glasses like that. Video recording and sound recording should be great, too.

  • Carlos

    When they’re released, i’m all over them!

  • Itchy_Robot

    I can see it now … get pulled over by a cop, first thing he asks you to do is take off your glasses.

    • Chris Chavez

      Damn. -_-

  • Craig Becker

    Will be great for
    A) recording sex
    B) indecent cop behavior
    C) people of walmart

  • aholland1

    Too bad they’ll never make it through the door of government facilities, makes having your phone built in problematic…

    • navjot

      They could be paired with your phone rather than being a phone themselves.

      • aholland1

        That would definitely make them more viable, good point!

        • Chris Chavez

          Yeah, from what I understood, they pair with your Android device like a SmartWatch…. that you wear…….. on your face. Lol

        • FlamingoAttack

          Hey, unrelated but as a guess, I bet you went to Georgia Southern : )

          • aholland1

            Sure did, lol, who’s this?

          • FlamingoAttack

            CK, from… several classes lol (and G+, Facebook).

  • AJA0

    I already have video sunglasses with a wireless remote I use to take pictures. They also have a built-in MP3 Player with headphones right by the ears.

    I know Google glasses have a few more features, but this meets my needs and doesn’t break the bank.

    • Chris Chavez

      You’re like….. Robocop :O

  • Payton


  • Musikman337


  • JulianZHuang

    How do you know it’s taken with the glasses?

    • Chris Chavez

      Click the source link, brah..

  • Shadow Xboxero

    Of course Google won’t be called an innovator just bacause it wasn’t Apple coming up with the damn glasses. Everyone is crapping on them calling them ridiculous. I’m really hoping they come to market soon though. I’ll be wearing those suckers everywhere. And no Apple, you didn’t invent smartphones

    • Fuzzypaw

      I’m all for Android but how exactly did you turn this article, which has nothing whatsoever to do with Apple, into a rant about Apple? Obsession is not a good thing.

  • miso_sori

    Yeah, I worry the implications here could stifle it all together

  • iron2000

    Wonder if theres a lockscreen or something for security purpose.
    Retina scan?
    Eyeball movement pattern unlock?
    Fingerprint scanner?

    • AGx

      good question

  • d1m1m1

    Mmmm, first let’s hear the starting price!

  • Yaniv C

    Truly amazing… too bad I can’t trust Google anymore. Once I read the privacy policy on Google Drive it really sickened me. They aren’t even trying to hide anymore! They are blatantly telling everyone… “we want everything that you have”! You can bet your bottom dollar everything you see is sent to google. Come on folks…. let’s wake up here.

    • AGx

      Its better that they openly say it rather than try to hide it. It’s for that reason I do trust Google. I’m still not going to be dropping stuff into Drive (I dont like those terms either) but I prefer them being open about it rather than trying to hide it.

  • Marclonus

    ‘SNAP!’ …. aaaaannnddd one for the wank-bank ;-P

    • Elijah1013

      Kinda gross since there is a kid in that picture