First images of Sony Xperia ST26i leak

Not long after Sony took the wraps off of the Xperia GX and Xperia SX we are being treated to our first look at another member of the Android lineup. The Sony ST26i will no doubt be an Android handset, and from the looks of things it should run Ice Cream Sandwich. Three hardware soft keys correspond to Android 4.0’s layout. Sony went with ICS’s software buttons for the GX and SX.

Little else is known about the device, including specs or any information pertaining to the ST26i’s release. One interesting thing we can glean from the pictures is the lack of a green globe logo, once the icon of Sony Ericsson. Though the Ericsson half of the name was dropped a couple months back, it still found its way onto a few devices featuring solo Sony branding.

[via GSMArena]

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  • Russ

    Looks like back, home and menu buttons rather than the back, home and recent apps of ICS.

  • Justin

    I’m really not enjoying the ICS Soft Key inspired hard keys that OEMS are using…

    I like being able to customize mine on my Gnex.

  • Mike Booth

    This looks gorgeos. If I can buy this, and instantly use the Sony ‘remove our crapware’ feature, I’m sold.

  • nick

    I wanna try a Sony Android. They make better stuff than Samsung