Amazon offering Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus for $150

Anyone waiting on a solid chance to upgrade to the Sprint Galaxy Nexus should look Amazon’s way. They’re offering the phone $50 cheaper than it’s on-contract MSRP, making it $150 for any new customer or any customer upgrading. The discount is an eye-popper, but who doesn’t love the chance to save as much money as they can? It can help ease the pain of any activation fees you might incur, and at least you get free two-day shipping on top of that. If all of this sounds like something you don’t want to pass up, head to Amazon.

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  • Sgt Awesome

    Does Phandroid get any kicks from essentially giving Amazon free advertising? Because buying a phone from Amazon or Radio Shack isn’t all its cracked up to be. There’s usually a lot of extra fees and a really high penalty for canceling early.

  • dhlee

    there might be high penalty for early cancellation, but as for extra fees, the last time i bought a phone from amazon, there were no extra fees


    It still requires a 2 year contract. Imagine a year and a half from now just how much you want another device, but are locked in to this one still……

  • Julio Rivera

    There are no fees associated with purchasing a phone from someone other than Sprint. Never has been. Sprint does charge a 1 time activation fee and also charges a prorated charge if there is a change in the plan itself. (if you’re upgrading for example)