Archos G9 tablets get bug-fixing update

Archos have issued updates for two tablets in their G9 line, the 80 and 101. For starters, we’ve got fixes for WiFi disconnection issues, fixes to help with GPS stability, and fixes for an issue where the device would reboot if an application took up a lot of resources. You can find the full changelog over at Archos’ site, and the device will be heading out over-the-air so find yourself a WiFi hotspot and get going. PS: the firmware version is 4.0.6, but the version of Android is still 4.0.3. [via Android Police]

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TAGS: Archos 101 G9 , Archos 80 G9

  • Frans-Peter van der Leur

    The first Archos tablets still have one major bug: they are still running phone software (Android 2.2). When is Archos to deal with that?

    • Michael Landauer

      Probably never… the Gen8’s just don’t have the horsepower (particularly RAM) to run Honeycomb or ICS. I’d like to at least see gingerbread (2.3), but considering how long these have been out, I don’t expect anything beyond bug fixes at this point.